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The good taste and innate elegance of Cate Blanchett They have made her a fashion icon beyond the borders of Hollywood. A sophisticated and refined style in equal parts that, like good wine, improves over the years.

Penélope Cruz was in charge of delivering the award to Cate Blanchett
Penélope Cruz was in charge of presenting the award to Cate Blanchett – © Gtres

This weekend the Australian has traveled to Valencia to attend the 36th edition of the Goya Awards, where she has received the goya international, which has been established for the first time this year, in recognition of her career in the seventh art for being “an actress who has played unforgettable characters that are already part of our memory and our present”, as explained from the academy.

In this way, Blanchett has made history by inaugurating the delivery of this award, and as expected, the look chosen to collect it has been sublime, elevating her as one of the best dressed of the night. Although details of her choice had hardly come out, if there was one thing for sure it was that Armani, a firm for which she is an ambassador in both fashion and cosmetics, would be her choice.

Loyal to the Italian house, he chose a Armani Privé Haute Couture design made exclusively for her and that, far from the minimalist cuts that she usually resorts to on other occasions, had a pattern not suitable for all the silhouettes with which she risked and won.

The actress wore an Armani Privé look
The actress wore an Armani Privé look – © Gtres

The model was made of silver silk that fell delicately on her figure and was composed of more than 300 chains with embroidered crystals that when moving, with the contortion of the body, they reflected the light and through their flashes it seemed that they changed color. But if something gave it the differentiating touch, it was the cut.

At the top a fitted body with halter neckline that opened at the chest up to the belly forming an inverted ‘vee’ and that has been one of the most striking details of the piece, while the skirt was slightly more fluid and included a small belt as a sash. Crystals were embroidered throughout the piece and rows of fringes fell delicately down the back.

The design had 300 rows of crystals
The design had 300 rows of crystals – © Gtres

To give prominence to the garment, the accessories have been very subtle, just a few small crystal earrings with a geometric shape that fit perfectly with the dress. As for the ‘beauty look’, she has worn a simple updo with a lopsided top and minimal makeup in which the skin was worked with Armani Beaty products to achieve a porcelain effect. In her eyes, a set of silver shadows in the same tone as the dress and very juicy lips with a touch of peach gloss.

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