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The renowned economist became the new head of the Institute for Studies on Argentine and Latin American Reality (Ieral)

The Economist Carlos Melconian was confirmed as the new president of the Institute of Studies on the Argentine and Latin American Reality (Ieral), belonging to the Mediterranean Foundation.

Various versions that began to transcend assure that the arrival of the former director of Banco Nación to the institution is imminent, but Ieral spokesmen denied that there is an official announcement in this regard.

Argentina needs a macro program, and a profound change in the economic organization. Our incorporation to the group of researchers and economists of the Ieral aims to join forces and take advantage of the regional scope of the Institute to design and be in a position to execute public policies that take into account the incentives to make Argentina grow productive, rethink the relationship Nation -Provinces, and broaden the federal vision of economic solutions, “said Melconian in his first statements as head of the Ieral.

With its theoretical developments, the Mediterranean Foundation seeks to contribute a national economic program and regain the prominence it had in the 90s, led by Domingo Cavallo.

“This union of efforts will include, over time, technicians, specialists and other think tanks from Argentina and the world. A great challenge that we accept with great enthusiasm and responsibility,” said Melconian, according to the statement from the Mediterranean Foundation.

Melconian had given a speech this Tuesday at a working lunch held by the Mediterranean Foundation, in the Posadas Room, of the Duhau Palace, in the City of Buenos Aires. There, shared a table with Pia Astori, president of the Foundation.

Melconian’s troubling claims regarding reservations

The economist Carlos Melconian was a guest on LN + and spoke of times of “uncertainty” and ironized the statements of the presidential spokesperson that the Central Bank’s reserves were “robust.” “Nobody believes that the reserves are robust,” he said.

“These are days of questions and uncertainty, because there are a lot of people who raise the blind tomorrow. You always have to open the bowling alley. In that scenario that you open every day, you have to make decisions. And all are careful, preventive, with uncertainty“, the former president of Banco Nación started when they asked him about the current economic situation.


“People are on the defensive, from the private sector, and from the government too, who are playing with seven archers. But people want to know what they have to do with the weight they have left, if they have to buy merchandise. You have to allocate your savings or the result of what you earn to something “, he added.

Next, the economist pointed out how people’s uncertainty is influenced by the way in which the new measures are communicated from the government. “Notice the tumult that is armed by something poorly communicated, such as the issue of the tickets, or the banks“, he expressed.

“About the supposed corralito,” Viale added. “They call you relatives to see if there is a corralito. A cousin calls you who you have not spoken for 12 months, she asks you about the kids and before cutting she asks you about the corralito,” Melconian joked. “We clarify that this is not going to happen,” intervened Viale, and the economist nodded.

“The bottom line is common knowledge that (the Government) wants to do something. The program is chamuyo,” said Melconian

Bad communication from the Government

Then, Melconian returned to the issue of the dissemination of the measures by the Government. Specifically, he spoke of the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti, who had assured that the Central’s reserves were “robust.” “Now, when you have a government spokesman, who comes out and says: ‘The reserves are robust,’ he shouldn’t believe it even when he’s saying it. All of that doesn’t work,” said the economist.

Meanwhile, referring to the decision to limit the financing in installments of tickets abroad, the economist asserted: “The passages are two handles. But why do they do it? Because they scratch where they can. The same is the bottom of the pot. “True to his style, he said:” Be careful, it is not arrogant, but I don’t give a ball to the little one, because it is berretelandia. ”


“People want to know what they have to do with the weight they have left, if they have to buy merchandise,” added Melconian

Negotiation with the Fund

Another topic that Melconian was consulted on was the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), one of the factors that puts nervousness in the markets. “The bottom line is common knowledge that (the Government) wants to do something. It is chamuyo that of the program, of the song (of the militants) is for the tribune, “he said.

“(The Executive) Grab a rusty, tired Fund. It is Licha López, who you say: ‘Leave it'”, added with his soccer style the economist, a confessed Racing fan.

However, going to the bottom of the matter, he pointed out: “To put together a program with the Fund we are at a fundamental distance. How are you light years away in rates, reservations, monetary issuance, What has to happen (for a plan to work)? Implement it and comply with it. I don’t see it signed before Christmas. I see will, but I don’t see the beans on top of the table. ”

Finally, one of the harshest comments from the economist who was a government official of Mauricio Macri came when Viale asked him how much back the Central Bank had today. “None,” he answered vehemently. It’s a church today. If you walk into a church and see a guy praying, you don’t ask him why he’s praying. It’s an act of faith. The Central Bank today is an act of faith. “

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