Cancer: Lolo is a 6-year-old boy who managed to defeat leukemia and was received as a hero in his town, in Córdoba

Jessica Lovera, the mother of Lorenzo Gualtierishared one of the best news of his life on social networks: his son beat cancer and was anxious and ready to return to his town, Villa Huidobro.

“Hello people. I wanted to tell you that today Lorenzo underwent his last chemo; his 46th chemo. We are very grateful to everyone, family, friends, acquaintances for always supporting us and giving us strength, in these almost 8 months.”

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The little boy, only 6 years old, had been diagnosed with “Acute lymphoblastic leukemia” on June 10, 2022. Without letting a single day go by, the next morning Lolo began her treatment with chemotherapy and corticosteroids.

The treatment lasted 8 long months. More precisely “7 months and 10 days”, is responsible for clarifying Martín Gualtieri, the father. It is that each day and each hour passed was a triumph and this one had a name, that of “Lolo”, the great hero.

On Saturday he had his last chemo, number 46. (Photo: Social networks).

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The little boy’s struggle was known by the community. And from his town everyone accompanied as they could from their place, with prayers, good energy and messages of encouragement. This is how all the residents of the place came together to fulfill his wish: was greeted by locals and firefighters.

Hours before the most anticipated reunion, in Villa Huidobro it had rained and the entrance to the town was covered with water and mud. Even the cave where the image of the Virgin of the Miraculous Medal is located had been flooded. His five brothers, accompanied by relatives, went to the place and took charge of cleaning it, and Lolo went there to thank her.

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With a huge smile on his face and accompanied by his family, he marveled at the pumper and the long line of cars waiting for him. And between screams, balloons, crying and congratulations, the boy returned home.

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