By decree, the municipalities will go out to control prices

President Alberto Fernández announced that he will sign a Decree of Necessity and Urgency to modify the Law on Defense of Competition

President Alberto Fernández announced that tomorrow, Monday 6, will sign a Decree of Need and Urgency (DNU) to modify the Law on Defense of Competition and to be able to declare the municipalities as the enforcement authority, with the aim of stopping the rise in prices in local businesses.

“The increases occur in distributors sometimes and, fundamentally, in commuter businesses”, said the president in dialogue with the web portal The Rocket to the Moon.

“I am preparing a DNU that will be ready on Monday to change the Defense of Competition Law and declare enforcement authority to the mayors. The problem for the State to reach local businesses is to detect it, “he said, while the mandatory quarantine is in force throughout the country.

As an example, he cited what happens in butchers, where the different actors in the chain blame each other when explaining the situation.

After yesterday’s scandals due to long lines, today banks achieved better attention. Even in some provinces they began to attend shortly after 8.30 and not at 10 as originally planned.

“There are a lot of price increases happening incomprehensibly and happening in butchers and in meat distributors and minor slaughterhouses, “said the head of state.

“With that DNU we are going to ensure that the mayors can apply the Competition Defense Law and that they can directly sanction those places,” said Fernández.

The President said that the situation that what happens with prices also leads to rethink why there are “small merchants who speculate with the need of their neighbors”, and “that must be corrected.”

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