Brutal attack on the Carlovich Trinche to steal his bicycle: he is hospitalized with a reserved prognosis

Tomás Felipe Carlovich, better known as the Trinche, a glory of Rosario’s football, suffered a violent assault in his city Natal and is hospitalized with reserved prognosis. The idol of Central Córdoba received a brutal attack to steal your bike. “They knocked him unconscious,” regretted his son.

The Carlovich Trinche of 74 years was riding his bicycle near his home when he was intercepted in Córdoba and Paraná, western Rosario, by one or more strangers who hit him on the head with a stick to take away the vehicle that had been recently bought. According to witnesses, the criminal or criminals took their bicycle and left an older one lying next to it.

After the brutal beating, Carlovich was lying on the street, unconscious. A pedestrian that was just passing by the place recognized him and called the ambulance who transferred him urgently to the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital.

“They called me at work, because they had stolen his bicycle and knocked him unconscious”, Bruno Carlovich, the son of the Trinche, told in dialogue with Radio 2. “He has a cut on his head. We are waiting for the medical report ”Bruno expanded to Radio The network. “He rides his bike all day. From the time he gets up until the late afternoon. That is his mobility. And beyond the blow they gave him, he hit his head on the pavement ”, Juan CLilche friend told CLG News.

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