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Bolivia plans to conclude a power line project at the end of this year that will allow the export of electricity to Argentina in 2022

Bolivia plans to complete a project for power lines at the end of this year that will allow the export of electricity to Argentina in 2022, an official source reported this Saturday.

The executive president of the National Electricity Company (Ende) of Bolivia, Marco Escobar, announced in an interview with the state agency ABI that the country will export the first 120 megawatts to Argentina next year.

For this, Ende reactivated a project that consists of the construction of a transmission line towards Argentina that they estimate will be completed in December this year, Escobar said.

“The electrical wiring is completed in the Bolivian partWhat was missing was a section in Argentine territory and that is what we are completing until December, “Escobar stressed.

The transmission line to be completed consists of 110 kilometers of which 40 kilometers are in Bolivia and the rest in Argentina, which runs from the Yacuagua substation, in Bolivia, and comes close to the Tartagal substation in Argentina.

Bolivia will export electricity to Argentina in 2022

Initially it will be exported 120 megawatts, a volume that guarantees “stability in the electrical system” that will reach the north of Argentina.

Bolivia has an installed capacity of approximately 3,000 megawatts of electrical power and an internal demand of 1,650 megawatts, so it has a surplus of 1,350 for industrialization and export.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energies guaranteed the supply of electric power to the country’s industries and pointed out that Bolivia aims at energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in electricity generation.

In the same way, the energy transition of this sector is one of the priorities of the Bolivian government to guarantee the sustainable and efficient use of energy resources, according to a press release from that State portfolio.

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