BILL GATES predicts when there will be a VACCINE against CORONAVIRUSES

Regarding what is happening in the US, the billionaire estimates that social distancing measures cannot be reduced until the end of May

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said of the vaccines being tested against coronavirus, about which he said “are very promising.”

Among them, the Moderna-NIAID stood out, which finances the Coalition for Innovations in Epidemic Preparation (CEPI), an international consortium based in Oslo (Norway) that supports together with his wife, Melinda Gates.

It is in its first phase of testing with humans, while the rest will begin testing in May.

Despite this advancement and the confidence he places in this work, Gates estimates that none will be ready until September 2021. In other words, there are still 18 months to go before it can be prepared.

“The vaccine is key, because until we have that, things are not going to be really normal”, said the philanthropist, who recently announced that he will invest millions in seven vaccine manufacturing factories, although he will lose most of the investment. “(Cities) can be opened up to a certain point, but the risk of a rebound will be there until we have a very broad vaccination.”

Regarding what is happening in the US, the country that already has the largest number of infected people in the world, stressed that social distancing measures cannot be reduced until the end of May without risking a resurgence in cases positive.

In addition, he said that until the pandemic is controlled, in his country he will not be able to “manage the factories, carry out construction work,” nor allow his students to return to educational centers. As for sporting events, according to their vision they would have to wait “until there is a vaccine available and enough people receive it.”

According to the billionaire, the world will not suffer another pandemic again because it will learn lessons about testing and surveillance.

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