Bárbara de Regil inspired Jorge Falcón to show his best smile: the Mexican comedian also parodied the viral video

The euphoria over the viral video of Bárbara de Regil it persists in the middle of the quarantine by coronavirus COVID-19 that has been lived for several days. Now he was the Mexican comedian, Jorge Falcón, who joined this trend and showed his characteristic smile to parody the protagonist of Rosario Scissors.

The Mexican humorist, recognized for his funny gestures, followed the example of other celebrities and adopted the exercise routine of Bárbara de Regil to be happy.

Jo-jo-jorge Falcón, as he is better known, He used just a glass of wine and his quirky sense of humor to tailor the viral video to his habits.

In the clip of less than a minute, Falcón dances to the music while showing off his most attractive features, same with which he has consolidated his career.

Upon reaching the climax of the video, the comedian smiles at the request of Bárbara de Regil and even suddenly drinks the wine in the glass that he held from the beginning of the content.

Jorge Falcón concluded his routine with quick movements and smiling at the camera; He also took the opportunity to ask his followers to stay home in the face of the pandemic living by the virus that emerged late last year in Wuhan, China.

This video was applauded by the humorist’s followers: “Keep up that great charisma that characterizes you, Mr. Falcón, thanks for making us forget about stress for a while”, “I grew up seeing you and I love that you continue here, your gestures are something irreplaceable” or “Great and charming, this man made me smile more, without so much effort and sweat, than the woman next door. What a great comedian Jorge Falcón! ”.

This video went viral in a few hours. Since it was published It got 19,000 reactions, 2,600 comments, and was shared more than 35,000 times.

Other parodies of the viral video of Bárbara de Regil

The actress has received strong criticism for her refusals to eat fried things and consume alcohol, but since she decided to broadcast her exercise classes on social networks, she has also faced memes or parodies of her behavior.

Barbara de Regil’s smile routine went viral and became more relevant when TikTok user Natalia Gil decided to adopt her but from her bed.

In the audiovisual Barbara jumps and counts to keep up, until she interrupts her physical activity to ask Internet users to show off her smile. Smile, smile, smile. I want you to smile, do it, smiling. Attitude above all, that nobody turns you off, that nobody turns you off, this is yours, it is your smile, ”said the 32-year-old actress excitedly.

After Natalia’s video went around social media, several celebrities followed suit and published their own parody.

The first to make fun of the routines of those who give life to Rosario Scissors It was Carlos Perez “El Capi”. The comedian characterized himself as the famous and even imitated his advice to record the video that he published on his Instagram account, where he wrote: “Wow, Barbara de Regil gets crazy in her broadcasts.”

The communicator was followed by the Derbez brothers. Aislinn and José Eduardo did the same by parodying the actress who for months has garnered attention, either for his controversial comments or his advice to improve health.

The host of SellingPati Chapoy did not want to be left behind. A parody was published on the social networks of the TV Azteca show program, which soon caught the attention of Internet users.

Another parody that this week was very well received was that of the former musician from Botellita de Jerez, Francisco Arturo Barrios Martínez “El Mastuerzo”.

The also actor He published a video where he is seen dancing in his style in an armchair inside his home, he even raises his arms and shakes his head to the rhythm of the song which has already been immortalized thanks to the viral video of Bárbara de Regil.

Barrios Martínez showed his irreverence when at the peak of the audiovisual he lit his pipe and began to smile at the requests of the Mexican actress.

Regil’s own Barbara recreated this video on her TikTok account. A few hours after its publication it obtained in this social network 58,100 likes and more than 931 comments.

The 32-year-old Mexican actress announced this participation in her Instagram stories, where she wrote: “Well, I had to.”

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