BANCO MACRO placed 3.1 billion pesos in loans for SMEs

The benefit reaches Argentine companies that employ almost 280,000 workers who collect their salaries at Banco Macro monthly.

Macro bench already placed 3.1 billion pesoss in credits from the special line for MSMEs and health service providers.

This operation, which is intended to offer assistance to companies throughout the country, has an annual rate of 24% fixed in pesos. SMEs can use it to pay salaries or to finance working capital. Health providers, for their part, must allocate the money for the purchase of hospital supplies or medical equipment.

As of Monday, 80,000 MSMEs have been rated and are managing loans that could reach $ 18,000 million. This benefit reaches Argentine companies that employ 279,000 workers who collect their salaries with Banco Macro monthly.

At the moment, 4,600 operations have been placed for $ 3.1 billion, of which $ 520 million went to salary payment. The rest, $ 2.6 billion, was earmarked for working capital already sanatoriums or other institutions dedicated to health and thus allow the difficult moment that small and medium-sized companies experience.

It is worth highlighting that these placements are made remotely, connecting our collaborators with companies from their homes, which accounts for the effort that Banco Macro makes to arrive with our offers on time.

SMEs are the creative source of labor and those that drive regional economies in Argentina, they are also our main clients in the business segment. For this reason, Banco Macro is giving a strong boost to these special lines. For Banco Macro this is a message and a sign that we will continue to accompany our clients, he assured Miracle Medrano, Manager of Institutional Relations and Customer Service of Banco Macro.

As every day we at Banco Macro are working for our clients. Even in these difficult times that require more effort from each of our 8,672 collaborators.

The current situation presents us with enormous challenges and leads us to search for new solutions to the new problems that have arisen.

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