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Boarded in the internal between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich, Together for Change began to clear up several unknowns in the face of the primary elections (PASO) but the internal claim grows for carrying unified lists of deputies and senators and the difficult negotiation that takes place in the Buenos Aires province has an impact on other key districts.

The conversations to achieve that the presidential candidates that will be measured in the PASO share the same list of legislators is complex for several reasons, the first of which is that in the Buenos Aires case is strongly linked to the talks to see if they can also unify the gubernatorial candidacy that is currently being disputed centrally Diego Santilli (Larreta) and Nestor Grindetti (Bullrich).

Another reason is that the The ultimate goal is to achieve that unity in the other four districts that are key due to their weight in the national register: the City of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe. In all of them there are local tensions, some easier to resolve than others.

The proposals to find began in private and are already taking place in public. One of those who joined was the head of the bloc of UCR deputies, Mario Negriwho stated: “We are going to be the government and we will have to bank the stop because Peronism promises that it will set fire to all corners. JxC must have unity legislator lists like in 2015. There can be no injuries after the PASO, we need many seats in Congress to pass laws.”

However, The central problem is that “the lack of agreement in Buenos Aires complicates all the other” provinces, according to what a source from the opposition alliance informed of the negotiations told iProfessional. And it is that the internal one between Larreta and Bullrich is central there, which has its echoes in the other districts.

The inmate of Together for Change in Buenos Aires, key to the unity lists

In the opposition alliance they remark that there is a “bitter fight” between Bullrich and Larreta in the Province that until today “makes it impossible for them to even start negotiating a list of unity of national senators and deputies.”

The proposal to agree on single lists of deputies grows but the negotiations are stuck in Buenos Aires

Faced with this scenario “Most likely today is that each one will carry their list of deputies and senators” (who are elected in 8 provinces), risked one of the sources consulted.

One of the leaders who tries to bring positions between both sectors and reach an agreement for the Province is the leader of the Buenos Aires UCR, Maximilian Abbot. As iProfessional learned, the radical legislator maintains frequent dialogue with all the local leaders of the opposition alliance, which includes Santilli and Grindetti.

Although he proposes himself as a pre-candidate for governor of the UCR and as this media reported, he now also sounds among Bullrich’s possible running mates, Abad proposes that they should go with a single list for the office of governor. Evaluate that Together runs “the risk of losing the Province” if “divide the offer into two, three or more candidates” and “come out third” due to the irruption of the libertarian Javier Milei.

However, in the commands of the Buenos Aires campaign they estimate that if the an agreement at that level would increase the possibility of embodying it, also, in the list of deputies and senators nationals for the province of Buenos Aires. But the differences between Larreta and Bullrich remain and threaten a contagion effect to other districts.

Can the electoral schedule of Córdoba be the key to an agreement?

The Juntos por el Cambio internship is fought in all the provinces, but each one has its particularities and this weighs when agreeing on the lists. the one of Córdoba is a paradigmatic case. There the governor will be voted on June 25, the day after the closing of the lists of national deputies for the PASO, while the election of the new mayor of the capital – where the opposition is strongly committed to Rodrigo de Loredo – will be on July 23 .

Sources that participate in the Cordoba campaign of Together for Change warn that “If there was no unity list agreement in Córdoba, the fight for the PASO between Larreta and Patricia would take all the attention in the middle of the campaign for the capital, in which they have to be united to beat Peronism”which leads to Daniel Passerini.

The decision to have Santilli and Grindetti on two lists for governor complicates the negotiation for the lists

As this medium learned, there was a fairly advanced negotiation to agree on a single list of national deputies, but a sector of radicalism in which the historic provincial leader is found Oscar Aguad He is playing with the eventual presentation of his own list of candidates to hang from Bullrich’s ballot.

The most optimistic believe that it is still possible that there will be an agreement to achieve a list of national deputies for Córdoba of unity “for not tarnish Rodrigo De Loredo“. The most pessimistic believe that the internal PRO is a threat It would be to that plan.

What happens in Santa Fe and Mendoza?

Something similar occurs in the province of Santa Fe. Some sectors of the alliance estimate that, by not electing national senators, there could be an agreement relatively easy to achieve a single list of deputies.

However, sources from the Santa Fe campaign consulted by this means warned that the Competition in the local primaries between Carolina Losada and Maximiliano Pullaro for the candidacy for governor began to heat up, with the insecurity of Rosario as a backdrop and the Bullrich-Larreta dispute as the axis.

The former president of the PRO supports Losada, who has just won the 2021 legislative elections as a candidate for senator, and the Buenos Aires head of government supports Pullaro, former security minister of Santa Fe. The discussion between the two over the campaign, according to campaign operators warn, it can complicate an agreement for the national list of deputies.

then there is the Mendoza casewhere they see that eventual agreement even more difficult, due to the fight between the radical referent and the candidate to return to the Governorate, alfredo cornejoand the deputy Omar De Marchiwhich opened from Together for Change in the province to compete abroad and generated one of the most resonant ruptures in the opposition alliance.

In other key provinces such as Córdoba, an agreement is also sought that exceeds the presidential internal

“De Marchi is going to end up losing against Cornejo, by a lot or a little, but he is going to lose and He is going to want to go as the first candidate for national deputy hanging from Larreta or Patricia, and Cornejo is going to stand up to him, he is going to take his deputies and they are going to try to go with Patricia “ventured a source who knows the interstices of Mendoza politics.

Given this scenario, the “rabbit in the galley” is the province of Buenos Aires. A deal in that key district could push equal understanding elsewhere despite local squabbles. Negotiation, however, does not look easy at all.

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