AySA denied “a massive cut” and promised to solve the cuts “in 48 hours”

Hundreds of residents of the City of Buenos Aires reported a shortage of water in recent days and the concern grew after an audio went viral alerting about an alleged incident in an AySA water treatment plant. The company issued a statement to clarify the situation and, in dialogue with TN, the director of plants and establishments of the company Danilo Zanata advanced that Between Wednesday and Thursday the problem would be solved.

“Saturday night a fault was registered in the impeller pump room of the Gral. San Martín Water Treatment Plant, “AySA said in the statement.

There they explained that “the anomaly in the supply of drinking water that It could be registered as low pressure, turbidity and / or lack of water in some neighborhoods of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and parts of the western, northern and southern areas of the suburbs. it is attributed to the emergency repair work that the company carried out in the affected engine room during Saturday night and all day Sunday. “

Zanata explained that the water cuts recorded by some Buenos Aires residents in recent days are due to the fact that “they are delivering the same amount of water, but distributed differently.” “There are places that usually have higher pressures and are now with higher values lower. No lack of water, but it does lower pressure “, assured.

Where most of the complaints came from was Belgrano and Palermo, since “they are those who feed directly from the affected plant,” explained the director of AySA plants and establishments. However, he emphasized that at no time was there a complete power cut.

“On Wednesday the arrangements will be finalized and between that day and Thursday the problem would be solved,” Zanata concluded.

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