Germany disbands Stasi records agency but saves files | News | DW / German News

Germany’s agency dedicated to managing former East German Stasi files formally closes on Thursday, but the information stored within it will be incorporated into the broader Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv) facility instead. Despite the relocation, officials would continue processing and researching the massive archive, said State Secretary for Culture and Media Monika Grütters. The Stasi (formally … Read more

What is Cresud’s formula to face the crisis / Argentina News

The agricultural holding company of the Elsztain family and controlling company of IRSA carries out financial and commercial engineering to balance its losses Cresud, the society through which the Elsztain family is controlling the IRSA real estate group, seeks to rebuild its financial situation and expand its business by refinancing part of its debt and … Read more

Germany: Top court rejects AfD lawsuit on COVID recovery fund | News | DW / German News

Germany’s Constitutional Court on Thursday threw out an emergency appeal by the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party against Berlin’s ratification of the European Union’s multibillion-euro coronavirus recovery fund. Since the relevant legislation had already been signed by the German president and promulgated in the Federal Gazette, the application lacked legal standing, the court said. … Read more

German-trained imams program has been a long time coming | Germany | News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW / German News

It was “the right step in the right direction” for Ender Cetin. The child of Turkish immigrants was born and raised in Berlin. Now as a 45-year-old he belongs to the first class of Germany’s first Islamic studies college. Based in Osnabrück, the program began this week after many delays during the pandemic. Cetin, who … Read more

Berlin police clash with house squatters, supporters | News | DW / German News

Police and firefighters in Berlin were caught in a street battle Wednesday with so-called leftist squatters occupying an apartment complex located at Rigaer Strasse 94, in the city’s Friedrichshain neighborhood. On Tuesday, the Berlin Administrative Court had rejected a last-minute attempt to block a Thursday fire safety inspection of the building complex, something occupiers vehemently … Read more

What did the Government give for Chinese vaccines? / Argentina News

A deputy from the Civic Coalition asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take action on the matter. “They are selling us,” he warned Opposition deputy Mariana Zuvic made a serious complaint against the Government: she assured that the Alberto Fernández administration gave Argentine waters for illegal fishing in exchange for Chinese vaccines against coronavirus. … Read more