Argentines stranded within the country may return to their homes

The Ministry of Transport and Interior authorized the return to his habitual residence by land. They will have to do it between today and Tuesday

Those people who are stranded in a city in Argentina that is not their home address, will have four days to return, always by land.

The decision was communicated by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Interior, who authorized exceptionally the return to their habitual residence by land from 0 hours today and until Tuesday 21 to people who are complying with social, preventive and compulsory isolation in a home other than their own.

The standard, published in the Official Gazette, maintains that they may circulate as long as the excepted persons are asymptomatic and comply with the recommendations and instructions provided by the national health authority.

“A month ago President Fernández made the determination that we Argentines enter the isolation social, preventive and compulsory. That measure determined that thousands of Argentines remained stranded in cities far removed from their homes. Today, one month after that measure, we believe that it is necessary for them to return, “said Transportation Minister Mario Meoni.

And he added: “In the same way that thousands of Argentines who were abroad did, also those who are in the country today, and from listening to the numerous demands we have had from them, we have determined, together with the Minister of Security, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Health and on the recommendation of the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, who until Tuesday may even return to their homes. “

The habitual residence address of the persons will be considered the one indicated in their National Identity Document, unless they can prove that it has changed through reliable documentation.

For the exercise of the exceptional authorization, the sworn statement “Certification for the Return to Habitual Domicile” must be processed, which can be completed on the website

At the request of the competent authority on public roads, the person must prove the veracity of the data contained in the sworn statement “Certification for the Return to Habitual Home”.

To this end, the applicant must have the documentation and / or accredit the data reported in the Certification for the Return to Habitual Address generated during the transfer.

In those cases in which a third party needs to transfer another person, they must process the corresponding permit. To do so, you must enter and choose the option “I need to transfer a person to their usual address”.

The falsification of data in the processing of the sworn declaration “Certification for the Return to Habitual Domicile” will give rise to the application of civil or administrative sanctions, without prejudice to the corresponding criminal complaints to determine the possible commission of crimes of public action for violating social, preventive and compulsory isolation.

The new authorization comes after a coordinated decision with the Ministry of Health, understanding that the citizens who will be moving this weekend have already complied with the recommended isolation time.

In this way, the national government will be in charge, in a responsible way and respecting established health protocols to face this pandemic, of those cases of citizens who at the time of entry into force of the mandatory isolation were on vacation, for work, for procedures, etc. , in other places than those of his residence.

Likewise, the Ministry of Security and the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV), dependent on the Ministry of Transport, will carry out exhaustive controls of vehicular circulation during the weekend with the aim of verifying that all circulation is enabled.

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