Argentines already buy packages to fly post pandemic

This modality already works in several provinces and more and more destinations are preparing offers to join this system.

The advance sale of tourist packages To use when the coronavirus pandemic ends and until June of next year “it works very well” and it made possible “a small relief to the providers of the sector because it allowed generating some income to face the crisis,” reported the Federation of Chambers of Tourism of the Argentine Republic (Fedecatur).

The services that are acquired under this modality are offered at the same prices that they had last summer, they can be paid in installments and used until June 2021.

This occurs amid the social and compulsory isolation that placed tourism as one of the sectors hardest hit by the economic crisis.

The president of the Fedecatur, Héctor Viñuales, stated that “the presale is working well, especially because it offers affordable prices and significant discounts“and said that this modality” helps in part to overcome the crisis in the provider sector due to the coronavirus. ”

Viñuales stated that “the packages are very good because the gastronomy vouchers can be used in any restaurant and because they have offers of 2 for 1 in transport and Free access to different places of interest, among other advantages. ”

“The touristic offer It will be very nourished when the activity returns and for that reason we have to put emphasis on promoting destinations not only for their attractions but also for their economic advantages, “he added.

The president of the Fedecatur stressed that in this new stage of the tourist activity “We are going to have to subsidize demand in all Argentine destinations with specific promotions and discounts that visitors can feel.”

The advance sale of tourist packages already works in Jump, Jujuy, Tucuman, Missions and Puerto Madryn, and more and more destinations are preparing offers to adhere to this system.

Salta is one of the provinces where this type of sale already works

The sector leader, however, clarified that despite the small relief generated by the advance sale of tourist packages, “the situation is increasingly complicated and we are going to need more help from the national, provincial and municipal governments to overcome the crisis

In this sense, Viñuales claimed “the sanction of a National Tourist Emergency Law“and asked that” the aid to pay wages (ATP) cover all of the wages and not 50%. ”

“Providers also need loans with 48 installments and subsidized rates to be able to maintain the infrastructure of the hotels and the rest of the services for visitors, which have been out of operation for more than 100 days and which this year lost corporate tourism, which that generates a deterioration situation that must be taken into account, “he emphasized.

Projects to revive tourism

Companies in the national tourism sector would receive tax and financial benefits between July and September, if Two bills that provide for an assistance package for the coronavirus pandemic thrive in Congress and they seek to favor the reactivation of the activity at the end of the quarantine.

The first initiative consists of creation of a special aid plan for entities of travel services within the framework of the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP) already launched by the Government.

Meanwhile, the second proposal, to be applied towards the exit of the quarantine, aims to favor the reactivation of the national tourist activity and therefore, contribute to the recovery of the sector and regional economies.

The two projects were presented by National Senator Maurice Closs of Misiones, and represent a joint action to address the current situation of the tourism industry Domestic, paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

They present projects to revive tourism

They present projects to revive tourism

The first initiative aims, for a period of three months, from July to September this year, to reduce the payment of employer contributions by 95% and that the national State covers 75% of the net salary of workers in relation to dependence on the sector.

It also sets extend the tax maturities throughout 2020 with the aim of sustaining employment and activity of those who have seen their turnover fall by more than 70% due to quarantine due to the pandemic.

Key points

The project will reach wholesale and retail services of travel agencies; accommodation and gastronomic services; interjurisdictional automotive passenger and commercial air transportation; amusement park and theme park services, botanical gardens, zoos and national parks; production of theatrical, musical and sports shows; ballroom, disco and similar services; and any other activity determined by the National Executive Power and which is paralyzed or whose billing is affected by more than 70% due to the health emergency.

The second project, meanwhile, aims to create a Reactivation Plan for Internal Tourism, through a Holiday Tax Voucher, which will function as a discount on the payment of accommodation, among other aspects.

It also provides for a deduction of the income tax of the sums paid by the taxpayers regarding internal tourism services, both for accommodation and for gastronomy and travel agency services.

In addition, it creates a tourism program for the elderly and stipulates that finance the tourist packages of graduate travel.

The sector has been paralyzed in Argentina since March 20, when quarantine began in the country, and it is estimated that it will be one of the last to be able to resume operations throughout the national territory.

“That is why I presented these projects, to generate a battery of measures that contribute to maintaining employment and future activity in the tourism sector,” explained Closs.

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