Another “clandestine baby shower”: baby, mom and dad have coronavirus symptoms

As in Necochea, another clandestine baby shower has in suspense a city in the province of Buenos Aires. It is the town of Alberti, where a family celebrated the arrival of the baby. The meeting was attended by several acquaintances, and forced the isolation of 70 people.

According to local media reports, the baby father he was the first to present symptoms of fever, lack of smell and gastroenteritis, so his swab was performed and he is isolated

For their part, the mother and baby also developed a fever and were transferred to a Junín hospital. Also, four nurses who participated in the delivery were also confined by decision of the authorities of the hospital where they work. While they wait for the result of the swabs.

“In the course of Thursday afternoon, a situation arose in the city that generated the quite important isolation of many neighbors, about 70 people isolated, as a consequence of an observation case that presented swab criteria “, informed the Mayor from Alberti, Germán Lago, to the journalist Eduardo Rosa.

Alberti had entered this Wednesday in the Phase 5 of quarantine, which enabled family gatherings on Sundays, the opening of gastronomic venues and the possibility of doing sports. “Phase 5 involves a increased responsibility and in this context it is clear that this was not the case, “said the official.

And I add: “If they had been prudent, the isolated would be 7 people, in this case they were reckless and there are 70. The desire to want to meet the newborn crossed the limits of what was allowed and it was a “social gathering with the birth of a child”.

“Clandestine baby shower” in Necochea

A meeting to entertain a pregnant woman, even breaking the mandatory quarantine, was the trigger for a cataract of possible contagions of coronavirus.

The baby shower was held in May, and it included the children of a 49-year-old woman who tested positive for COVID-19, which made about 50 people had to be isolated between close relatives and everyone who had close contact at the party with the youth.

The day after it was learned that Lorenzo, the baby who was born It is in perfect condition” like their mother, they reported from the Ministry of Health of that city.

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