Aníbal Fernández crossed over to Guillermo Moreno and criticized the Cabinet again: “Ask for the ball, crazy man, help the President”

The controller of Yacimientos de Río Turbio, Aníbal Fernández, again criticized the officials surrounding Alberto Fernández because they do not assume the necessary role in the communication of government acts and in the consequences that these decisions generate.

In dialogue with the journalist Nancy Pazos in Rock and pop, the leader stated: “Ask for the ball, crazy, go ahead; help the president a little, he is making a very big effort and he is not taking the ass out of the syringe

“No one deals except the president of communication. It cannot be that he, who is very good at communicating, is in charge of doing everything. This in football is easily seen when the midfielders hide and nobody asks for the ball, “he said.

Although he avoided names, he appealed to a metaphor when he was asked which officials are hidden and do not assume more leading roles at moments sensitive to the future of the country: “This is like the cyclist who goes on the road and sucks behind the truck, he makes less effort and pedales less … There is no one here who sticks out his chest and gets in front of the windshield so that the bugs stick to him ”.

Fernández is not the only person who publicly questioned the government’s communication strategy. Recently, different experts suggested that it would be appropriate to run the head of state from the center of the scene so as not to wear down his figure. One of the situations that exposed this deficiency was the failed announcement of the expropriation of Vicentin. In these first six months of management, no strong official roles have emerged that assume the commitment to publicly address sensitive issues that need a political perspective, and that task has been left exclusively to the President.

Fernández assured that he aspires to play first and join the cabinet of ministers. “I am not there because I do not decide,” he introduced. And when asked about the inexpertise of the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, he replied: “I don’t like to rate. The one who has to realize if Cafiero is green is the President. What I am saying is that I have many years of experience and I want to make them available to Peronism so that it is useful to Peronism in the exercise of power and serves a people that needs to reach an agreement on debt and needs to work with an overcoming vocation and productive

The former head of Cabinet of the government of Cristina Kirchner also pointed against Guillermo Moreno. Although he said he maintains great affection for the former Secretary of Commerce, he noted: “I don’t think he’s more Peronist than me, at most he’s as Peronist as I am” “Nor do I think that he is more Peronist than Alberto Fernández because getting on the opposite sidewalk and throwing stones is very easy“, full.

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