An 87-year-old man died of coronavirus and is the third victim of the nursing home in Belgrano

Another resident of the geriatric in Belgrano in which a massive contagion of coronavirus was registered and which is investigated for alleged abandonment of a person followed by death. The third fatal victim of COVID-19 in the nursing home had Alzheimer’s.

Earlier this Tuesday, the second death of one of the residents of “Apart Incas” in Belgrano, confirmed, closed last week after the detection of 19 cases of coronavirus. It was a 92-year-old woman named Esther.

The first to die from the virus was Angélica González, 89 years old.

Ignacio Trimarco, lawyer for the affected families reported in TN the death of Héctor Daniel Olivero, 87, and again requested the arrest of the owners of the establishment, whom he accused for the crime of “abandonment of person followed by death”.

The SAME transferred all the grandparents and the City closed the nursing home. (Photo: Capture of TN).

Trimarco explained that the action that he is taking is aimed at the owners of the nursing home, the doctor in charge of the residents’ health and the City Government.

“The owners of the nursing home said that when they learned of the first positive case, they gave notice to the City’s health authorities, but apparently no one did anything. This is something that justice should investigate,” he argued.

In this context, he reported that on Monday he requested “the arrest of the owners of the place and the doctor” and that a request for incompetence was also presented so that the cause went to “federal jurisdiction, since it is a case involving health public “.

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