Alberto Fernández was responsible for the death of Kirchner according to De Vido

The former Planning Minister assured in statements that Alberto Fernández was one of the people who has done the most harm to Kirchnerism.

Former Planning Minister Julio de Vido said in radio statements that President Alberto Fernández was responsible for the death of Néstor Kirchner and one of the people who has done the most harm to Kirchnerism.

“The problem starts on December 11, 2007 when Néstor leaves the government, he leaves with a positive image of 75%. Unfortunately, there is a whole task that our current President Alberto Fernández was no stranger to blocking Kirchner, locking him up and leave it out of government action, “said De Vido, criticizing the role of the current president in what was the conflict with the countryside after Resolution 125 of mobile retentions.

In addition, the former official affirmed that Alberto ran as campaign manager for “how many candidates were there to destroy us” and added that Cristina Kirchner’s departure in late 2008 was after having done “terrible damage at that stage of the government, moving to to be one of the president’s most fervent opponents, one of the harshest critics. “

“The truth and the concrete that I calculate that this situation, as people commonly say, the body takes its toll: it cost Néstor’s life. Néstor’s life was the one that saved the government of Cristina, which allowed the victory with 54% of the votes in 2011, “he concluded.

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