Alberto confirmed that banks open: how to get TURN

The banks will reopen their doors on Monday but they will only be accessible by processing a previous shift. The boxes will be reserved for retirees

At a press conference, President Alberto Fernández led the announcement of the new measures that the Government will implement to continue the fight against the coronavirus. The framework of all will be the extension of preventive and compulsory social isolation until inclusive April 26.

As a novelty, there will be a “managed quarantine”, which will allow governors to make isolation more flexible in some areas.

Among other sectors, businesses with home delivery of products and activities related to foreign trade will return to activity. Also construction, through public works, and the frequency of transport will be made more flexible.

In this context, Alberto Fernández confirmed that banks will start to normalize your attention.

How will they operate?

First, the box lines will be reserved for retirees and pensioners who do not have an active debit card, who must attend according to the schedule stipulated by Anses.

For the rest of people or companies that need to operate, the branches will be open but the banks will be able to start a shift system to avoid crowding. The proof of duty will be sufficient proof to justify the circulation and, in addition, it will be requested to enter the branch.

An important clarification is that the shift assignment will be given according to the last number of the DNI or the CUIT verification digit, in the case of companies. It will be according to next calendar:

  • Monday 13: the DNI or CUIT ending in 0 and 1
  • Tuesday 14: the ones ended in 2 and 3
  • Wednesday 15: those that conclude at 4 and 5
  • Thursday 16: the ones ended in 6 and 7
  • Friday 17: those ended at 8 and 9.

What operations can and cannot be performed?

Although each bank may add more or less activities, among the operations enabled is the withdrawal of debit or credit cards and of checkbooks, the management of a loan, the presentation of documentation, the visit to the security boxes and the realization of investments, among other. These services will be available for the accounts of individuals and companies.

Conversely, window operations cannot be carried out. Withdrawals and deposits must be made through ATMs or self-service terminals. In addition, there will be deposit mailboxes at branches for those who need to deposit large amounts of cash. Neither can you make payments, deposit checks or make transfers at the window.

How to take turns at each bank?

The entities have already made available to customers various ways to request a shift. Below are the details of the initiatives taken by each bank.

In BBVA they set up a shift system through your online banking. “Individual clients and companies may go to the branch only requesting a shift prior through Online Banking for individuals and BBVA Net Cash for companies, “the entity explained in a statement.

Since city ​​BankMeanwhile, they pointed out that the shift request is made through the “Self-management” section of the institutional website. Those who have previously used this functionality must complete their email and password, while those who have never used it should register. Once this step is done, they will choose the shift at the desired branch and will receive confirmation by email.

He Comafi also chose the Web page to make shifts available to your customers. In addition, in the entity they highlighted that they put in place a system that allows withdraw up to $ 20,000 per day without a debit card. It is a service designed especially for retirees and pensioners who do not have plastic, so as to minimize attendance at the branch.

The client must consult how to withdraw money without a debit card to the virtual assistant Sofía, via WhatsApp or on the bank’s website. The wizard will ask you to enter the DNI number and start the validation. Next, it will issue an extraction code in order to withdraw the credit. Once at the ATM, you must select “withdrawal order” and enter your ID, along with the exact amount and code. After that, the cashier will hand over the money.

Clients of Galicia Bank must manage shifts from the web. There they are asked for some information and, depending on the completion of the DNI, the feasible date is offered. On the agreed day, the client must take a turn at the totem pole located within the branch, depending on the reason for the visit.

At MortgageFor its part, the allocation of shifts is also carried out by the institutional page.

Through the website of HSBC You can also manage shifts for service at branches in the coming days. “We are giving around 10,000 shifts per day for the next week. Each branch, according to size, will be serving between 100 and 400 shifts a day. The frequency of the same varies according to the branch. In which we expect a greater influx of shifts, we have put more people to attend. If you run out of space at the customer’s regular branch, you can choose another one with no problem. Until today, andwe gave 4,000 shifts“said Carlos Canova, manager of digital channels of the entity.

Through the institutional website of ICBC You can also get shifts for next week. The entity’s largest branches will serve between 150 and 350 people per day; the medium ones, between 70 and 150; and the smallest dependencies, will have a concurrence of up to 70 people per day. “This is only a proportion of the branches’ normal operating capacity,” sources at the bank said.

In Itaú They also resorted to the institutional website to grant the shifts. The system, as they explained, allows to deliver two shifts every 20 minutes, per branch. They will have a tolerance of 15 minutes to appear to be attended. Once the client arrives at the branch, he must go through the shift terminal (as usual) and the officer will call him shortly.

Clients of Macro bench they must ask for their turn through the institutional website. The entity, once the branch is chosen, will send the receipt of the shift by email or to the client’s cell phone. You can also get a shift using the eMe virtual assistant, via WhatsApp, sending a message to 1134228223.

From the entity they highlighted that they can give 32,000 shifts per day to serve individuals and legal entities, throughout its network of branches. And they pointed out that so far 15,240 shifts have already been booked.

For his part, National Bank launched a shift system on its website. The official entity stressed that, in the case of fixed terms established in person that have expired after March 20 and do not have an order to be deposited in an account or automatically renew, the bank “will respect the agreed rate originally until April 30, 2020 “, without the need for the customer to go to the branch.

Those who need to make a total or partial withdrawal of that fixed term, instead, must request a shift. When attending the branch, the customer will have to indicate in which account he prefers the deposit to be made and withdraw the money through an ATM since the windows will only operate with retirees.

In Patagonia Bank they also chose the institutional website to make the reservation of shifts, using a form. As they told the entity, until today they responded favorably to all the requirements they had.

Since Bank province the reservation of shifts is made by the Web page. There, the client must complete their data, the type of operation, the chosen branch, the date and the contact email, where the confirmation of the assigned shift will be sent.

Finally, in Supervielle they started the shift system through the institutional website. There the customer must select the closest branch, along with the available date and time. Then you will receive an email to confirm the appointment and a second email with proof of the shift.

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