Alberto and Kicillof present DNI Account that serves to collect the ANSES bonus

You can now download the Banco Provincia application and enable it, without having to go to a branch. Know how it works

President Alberto Fernández and Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof launched the Banco DNI Account application, which allows the SUBE card to be loaded, pay in stores with QR, withdraw money without a debit card and collect the ANSES bonus, among other things.

“Now, with quarantine this is very important. We hurry so that people can open a DNI Account and have their own savings bank for free,” said Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof.

During the presentation in La Plata, Kicillof said that it will be possible to pay in stores, charge the SUBE, charge the cell phone credit, withdraw money without a debit card and collect the Emergency Family Income (IFE), from ANSES.

“When all this has ended (pandemic), I hope we have understood the reason of the State and its importance,” shot the president.

The user can now download the application and enable it only with the DNI, without having to go to a bank branch.

There are three steps to follow:

1- Take a capture with the phone camera on the front and back of the DNI. It must be in good condition and with good light.

2- Perform a facial scan with the front camera, without glasses, headbands or caps.

3- Complete with personal data and configure the password. The application validates the identity at the moment with the National Registry of Persons. Then it can be used with a password or a fingerprint.

A data not less in the case of recharging the SUBE card: to credit the balance you must validate the recharge at the terminals or in the company application.

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