After the protection of runners, SMEs will also go to Justice

The lawyer Yamil Santoro advanced it, who was the one who promoted the athletes’ claim against the restrictions of the new stage of social isolation

After the presentation of a protection that was made before the justified by a group of runnersThose who requested that the toughening of the quarantine with which the development of this activity was prohibited in the Federal Capital be reversed, now it is the Small and Medium Enterprises that will make their request.

It is expected that next week, SMEs will promote a similar demand to enable the reopening of their industries, after the restrictions that were imposed again in some areas of the country, especially in the areas of CABA and the Buenos Aires AMBA.

In the case of the runners, in the presentation that was formalized on Thursday, it is requested that the provisions of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency are null and void (DNU) 576/2020 regarding the prohibition to perform physical exercises in the public space of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Lawyer Yamil Santoro, stated that the restrictions represent a “violation of the right to health and freedom”.

For runners, the prohibition to run violates their freedom.

“The declaration of nullity and unconstitutionality is requested from now on, due to the manifest illegitimacy and lack of motivation of the aforementioned decree, as it prevents the carrying out of the aforementioned activity, and the defendant is ordered to guarantee, within the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the full exercise of the right claimed here, “was requested in the amparo.

To argue their claim, the runners stated that “the questioned norm causes an enormous injury to basic principles of the republic and to the constitutional guarantees of the Argentine citizens, constituting it a serious damage for the citizen group that is trying to protect “.

And therefore also request that the judicial fair be enabled for him amparo treatment because, they remarked, the situation refers to “fundamental rights”.

“The prohibition of exercising on public roads lacks all scientific support. The Minister of Health, Ginés González García, maintained that the main reason for the suspension of this activity was” gestural “and was due to image issues, because his criterion was not good for people from the suburbs who have greater restrictions, to see how they ran in CABA, “they warned.

The runners presented protection to resume their activity.

The runners presented protection to resume their activity.

And they added that, “although it is clear that gestures are important in health situations such as those that afflict our country and the world, it is no less true that running and physical exercise in general, outdoors, is itself a health benefit, both physically and psychologically. ”

“The benefits of the physical activity in question, as they constitute a great contribution to health, they should not be eliminated for a communicational, symbolic, marketing issue or to grant a populist and demagogic sacrifice, at the stake of ‘what will they say’ of the supposed resentment of a few, “they remarked. This is an action promoted by the Apolo Foundation and the Mejorar Party, chaired by Santoro.

Small companies claim for its reopening.

Small companies claim for its reopening.

In this context, next week, both institutions will promote a similar demand for enable the reopening of SMEs, whose activity was also banned with the tightening of the quarantine against coronavirus.

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