After defeating the coronavirus, Boris Johnson will resume his activities on Downing Street this Monday

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will return to work at 10 Downing Street this Monday and is “eager to start” after overcoming the coronavirus.

Johnson has conveyed these words to his ministers after a week of rest in the residence of Checkers after which “he will resume his normal schedule”, reported the British chain Sky News.

According to these sources, Johnson will give the daily press conference in Downing Street and possibly meet with the new leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, on Wednesday.

“On Friday he had a meeting with his advisers at Checkers and he will meet with the Health Secretary (Minister), Matt Hancock, and will resume his normal agenda”, explained the source.

Johnson tested positive for coronavirus on March 29 and was hospitalized in London on April 5. The next day he went to an intensive care unit. He was released from intensive care on April 9 and discharged four days later.

Reopening pressures

The British Government faces increasing Internal pressures to put on the table a road map that allows us to glimpse the end of the confinement of the population by COVID-19 and reactivate the UK economy.

British media have described in recent days an Executive divided into two camps: one headed by the Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, who advocates maintaining all measures until the risk of a second wave of the disease has been minimized, and another led by the head of the Economy, Rishi Sunak, who is committed to speeding up the return to business activity.

The balance between the two positions will not break, predictably, until the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. At the start of the pandemic, Johnson was less drastic in his plans to contain the spread of the disease compared to other European leaders.

However, In the United Kingdom, the possibility is contemplated that both he and his main adviser, Dominic Cummings, have hardened their approach after suffering both severe symptoms of the disease.

The pressure on the Executive to detail an exit program from the confinement has increased after Scottish Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon will publish a plan on how the reopening of schools, businesses and entertainment venues in the region will be managed when the time comes to relax measures of social distance.

The Government must explain to the British what it is planning. We must trust that citizens will understand how it will take place (the end of confinement). The Scottish administration has done the right thing and I want the UK Government to do the same, “he told the newspaper. The Times former conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith.

Sturgeon’s approach is appropriate: an honest discussion about the harsh disadvantages we face at the prospect of living with the virus in the near future“For his part, said former conservative economy minister George Osborne.

The United Kingdom, one of the European countries most affected by the pandemic, with almost 19,000 deaths, faces the “peak” of the disease And it is “too early” to relax the measures in force, for fear of suffering “a second wave”, insisted Matt Hancock.

UK numbers

On Saturday, the UK reached a total of 20,319 deaths from COVID-19 in the country’s hospitals. According to the Ministry of Health, the country added another 813 deaths from coronavirus in twenty-four hours and thus becomes the fifth in the world -after the United States, Italy, Spain and France- which exceeds that number of deaths from the disease.

That number does not cover COVID-19 deaths occurring outside national medical centers, like the deaths registered in nursing homes, which implies that the real number of deaths is higher, by several thousand, than that disclosed.

With information from EuropaPress and EFE

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