Aerolíneas Argentinas will pay 50% of the salary to its employees

Argentinian airlines (AA) informed in the last hours to its employees that it will pay only 50% of June wages, waiting for the national state to provide the necessary funds to pay all of the assets, according to industry unions.

“The authorities of Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral have reported that on July 6, 50% of the assets corresponding to June 2020 will be paid, with a guaranteed floor of 35,000 pocket pesos,” the company said in a statement.

They also indicated: “They are taking steps with the national government, to pay the rest as soon as possible. Of course, it is to be expected, that the payment method includes all AR Group personnel, including its president, directors and unconventional staff members. “

AA authorities argued their decision “in the fact of not having received in due time and form the itemto “that the corresponding Ministry rotates on a monthly basis”, something that was not liked in the Union of Superior and Professional Staff of Aerocomerciales Companies (EA).

“In addition to conveying our disagreement, it was anticipated (to the company) that we will wait until monday 6, date in which the legal term expires to pay 100% of wages, so that they give us a definitive solution to this issue. Otherwise, we will make the corresponding denunciations before the Ministry of Labor in safeguard of the rights of our represented, “added the directive commission of UPSA.

The full salary will be paid “when the national State contributes all the corresponding funds,” the company argued, amid the pandemic that the country is passing through.

“Our legal secretariat is evaluating possible actions to take in this situation, while we continue the dialogue with the company in order to resolve this situation“said, for his part, the general secretary of the Argentine Association of Aircraft Manufacturers (AAA), Juan Pablo Brey.

The COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed aero-commercial activity in Argentina and in the last hours the Minister of Transportation, Mario Meoni, announced the decision of the Government of postpone until further notice the resumption of domestic flights in the country, which was originally scheduled for July 15 next.

In this context, at the beginning of last June, the state company officially informed its employees that it was going to move forward with a plan of “temporary” suspensions, which would be applied during June and July, following the “almost total cessation” of activities. of the company because of coronavirus.

As reported at the time, the measure was to cover 7,500 of the 12,000 workers They belong to the flag airline, who during June and July would receive a “non-remunerative allowance”, for which no contributions or contributions were to be paid, but with the “normal contribution” of the social work.

According to industry sources, the firm’s revenue fell 97% since March, when the social, preventive and compulsory isolation measures began to contain the spread of COVID-19.

After learning of the recent AA decision, the Association of Airline Pilots (APLA) stated that it “emphatically rejects these unilateral decisions that constitute a clear violation of the Argentinean labor obligations.”

He also warned that he will make “all the corresponding complaints before the Ministry of Labor in order to alert and regularize this situation.”

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