Actress and mother of four: who is the teacher who infuriated the “moms” by talking about their husbands

Daniela Catelli is a teacher from Lomas de Zamora who took center stage in the last hours for the answer he gave in a video to the mothers of his students, who began consulting her for a series of exercises. Although he apologized for the filming, he also explained that he did it to put a little humor in the midst of the quarantine that we have to go through.

When asked by the women about the homework, the teacher decided to film herself at home and send her a video where first she spoke very sweetly to her students and then asked them to call their mothers so she gave them a message: “I already explained to them. The boys are a light. They understand very quickly. If you want me to send you another video, ask your husband that I already sent him many“, She is heard saying.

After the repercussion and anger generated by this, the woman who is in charge of the third grade of the Immaculate Conception School decided to download Facebook. There he wrote: “This is who I am. I am Daniella Catelli, teacher. I like to say ‘teacher’ more. I feel like I was born for this

“Throughout my career I have received millions of kisses and hugs, ‘lady, I love you’, thank you, ‘I will miss you’, surprises, gifts and calls from students to whom I gave their medals when they graduated from high school, ”he added.

“I have four children, I live alone with them. Too, I’m an actress. Another thing I love to do and would not change for anything. All the time we prepare things and go up to the groups. Plus, nowadays it takes so much laughing and, even for a little while, not to think about the sad reality that is going through us, “said the teacher.

Elsewhere he made reference to the filming and noted: “A few days ago I uploaded a video that had many likes, many shares and beautiful comments. The same video offended and angered others. For this reason, I decided to delete it

Daniela shared the video and then deleted it. (Photo: Facebok Dani Ali)
Daniela shared the video and then deleted it. (Photo: Facebok Dani Ali)

“We see many similar videos on the networks parodying teachers in their quarantine. Humor is that: parody some real fact. I asked for forgiveness and I do it again because I like to make people laugh and not get angry. But know that that’s how I am. Woman who laughs at herself and that thanks to art, humor and laughter I can say I AM ALIVE! ”, Closed the text to explain why she did it.

Although there were many who questioned the woman and branded her as ‘misplaced’, the truth is that others began to congratulate her for putting a little humor in everyday life.

In her Facebook profile, in addition, former students began to leave messages where they supported her and expressed their affection. Catelli usually shares on that social network some videos and parodies starring her. This means tried to communicate with her and with the school authorities but, so far, there was no response.

One of the messages left for the woman on Facebook. (Photo: Facebook screenshot Dani Ali)
One of the messages left for the woman on Facebook. (Photo: Facebook screenshot Dani Ali)

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