A woman denounced her ex-husband for gender violence, but the family member who accompanied her was accused of breaking the quarantine

A woman denounced her ex-husband for gender violence at the women’s police station in the town of San Justo, La Matanza party. As often happens, a family member accompanied her, but the female police officer who received the complaint also notified the family member who had violated the quarantine.

The woman stated that her ex-husband, the father of her son, broke into the house on Wednesday, kicked out the people who were with her and, when he managed to be alone, started hitting her wildly.

On Friday, with bruises on my face, the woman was encouraged to go to the police station specialized in gender violence and denounced her ex-husband. The authorities ordered a perimeter against the aggressor.

But at the same moment they notified the brother-in-law, who had accompanied the complainant, who had violated “social isolation, preventive and mandatory, “according to Infobae.

President Alberto Fernández signed Decree 297/2020 by which social isolation, preventive and compulsory for all people to face the coronavirus, came into effect on March 20 and listed a series of exceptions due to situations of force majeure.

The Minister for Women, Genders and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, launched on April 4 Resolution 15/2020 to clarify that “will be considered as cases of force majeure all those situations by which women or LGTTBI people alone or with their sons and daughters leave their homes in order to make the relevant criminal complaints regarding acts of violence or are directed to require help, assistance or protection due to the situation of violence that are transiting “.

This means that the brother-in-law would not have permission, according to the ministerial resolution, to accompany the woman to file the complaint.

In any case, the federal court investigating the case could determine that any relative, for the purposes of assisting a person in a situation of gender violence, could be excepted to fulfill the quarantine to make the report or request help.

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