A town in Córdoba, on alert for the appearance of a cougar in full quarantine

An unexpected situation was experienced in Villa General Belgrano, in the province of Cordova. In a cabin complex located in the tourist area of ​​the city, a Cougar hanging around. The authorities immediately asked the inhabitants of the city located in the heart of the Calamuchita valley not to leave their homes and to remain calm.

According to authorities, the cougar passed through a cabin complex located close to Route 5 and Cerro Negro street. Police and volunteer firefighters from Villa General Belgrano carried out the corresponding search tasks.

The city of Villa General Belgrano shows a total absence of tourists and its streets look diametrically different from the usual when hundreds of people are seen. Oscar Santarelli, mayor of the town, explained to that the cougar appeared about six blocks from the downtown: “The owner of the complex, seeing the cameras, reported to the police and the fire department. Near the place there is a kind of canyon that empties into a stream and that makes it difficult to find the puma ”.

On the presence of the animal in the area, he commented: “This is a product of the passivity that exists in our town. Villa General Belgrano is near a mountain range where cougars live, which are almost never seen, but with a quarantine of 30 days and the absence of visitors, they dare to go down towards the city ”.

Santarelli also expressed his concern about the situation of the mountain town: “The people are suffering a lot. We have 150 hotel establishments and hundreds of gastronomic venues. Now everything is closed, but we have faith that we can get ahead when all this happens. “

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