A stripper for a vote: a candidate for deputy raffled an erotic show in Salta and generated controversy

A candidate for deputy raffled a show of strippers for Women’s Day in a town in Salta and generated controversy. “They are not only mothers, they have other roles and they deserve to enjoy themselves without prejudice,” she defended herself.

Griselda Galleguillos held a contested contest where more than 350 people participated. Finally, three women were the winners. In a report by Gustavo Barco for Telenoche (eltrece)the candidate for the Avancemos Front spoke about her unusual proposal.

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The town that was shocked by a stripper contest

The controversy involved Rosario de Lerma, a town located 30 kilometers from the capital Salta. “Surprise for Women’s Day, free!” Galleguillos announced in a post from his Facebook account.

The bases and conditions were explained in the same publication. “At the request of the girls: if you are going to get together this weekend and want to spend a fun night with friends, don’t miss this opportunity. “John” is Mister Universo Venezuela and can be at your house (groups from 10 girls or more). He will give you a great show and many gifts. Requirements: be of legal age. Valid for the Department of Rosario de Lerma”, the invitation stated.

The candidate for deputy and the stripper. (Photo: capture Telenoche)

The organizers left a telephone number where each interested party could register. When the winners were finally announced, Galleguillos She went to the house of each one of the women: they waited for her with music, lights and cotillion.

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Arriving together with the costumed stripper, he explained what the dynamic was like. “I suggested doing a recreational activity, hire a dancer to do a show and give a gift to all the women present”explained to Telenoche (eltrece).

Three women were the winners of the show.  (Photo: capture of Telenoche)

Three women were the winners of the show. (Photo: capture of Telenoche)

However, he said that because of the draw he received a lot of criticism. “It is very important to listen to the voice of the people, but it caught my attention that people of my own gender insult me,” she said. “They told me since I was a prostitute that I am unpresentable, that I’m useless, that I shouldn’t exist. Very hard things, ”he lamented.

Given this, he pointed out that it was a recreational activity for the moment. “This is not enough for one vote,” he clarified, adding that many neighbors wanted to denounce her for “inciting eroticism and sexuality”.

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In the middle of the Salta night, the candidate spoke to the women who participated in the shows. “Some of them said to me: Griselda, why don’t you give away courses for the girls so they can wash the dishes, clean the house, do things for the home; but I want to tell them that women have the right to enjoy it, to have a good time, especially to put up with those who have her husband at home, ”she said with a laugh.

Galleguillos in the middle of one of the parties where there was a stripper show.  (Photo: capture of Telenoche)

Galleguillos in the middle of one of the parties where there was a stripper show. (Photo: capture of Telenoche)

“I don’t know why it is postulated, but it has all the vibes”, stated one of the winners and assured that she would vote for her. Another, however, held: “With an award or a dance like today’s, he doesn’t have me bought.”

Galleguillos, who was a councilor during three different terms, defended himself. “I always fulfilled my role, I did it at the request of the girls and I am showing my face as I always did.”

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