A six-year-old boy fell into a coal oven and died burned

A six year old boy he died charred by falling into a charcoal oven. It happened in Las Delicias, a town of 200 inhabitants located in Santiago del Estero. The victim was identified as Thiago Orellana and he was the son of one of the “charcoal burners” who works there.

On Wednesday Orellana and other workers moved to the kilns around 10 o’clock, they were on since they were in the last stage of burning the firewood. Thiago she had decided to accompany her dad.

Some witnesses to the episode said that the man was working when the baby climbed to the top of the structure, called “peak”, whose function is usually to regulate temperature.

In a matter of seconds, Thiago fell into the oven. They think the bricks gave way and made the baby slip.

Desperate, those who witnessed the scene began to cry out for help. Firefighters arrived in a few minutes. A tanker truck also arrived from the El Bobadal municipal commission, Jiménez, which traveled 45 kilometers of gravel. However, the outcome was inevitable: the fire take 10 days to go out.

The case was in the hands of the Prosecutor Ramón Alfonzo, who ordered the police a thorough investigation.

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