A participant of the 8 steps SHOWED all the CHARMS she uses to reach the grand finale

In the latest edition of The 8 Steps, Guido Kaczka set his sights on a detail of Monica, one of the contestants who is competing for the millionaire prize that the program delivers.

Driver He asked Mónica to explain the meaning of the particular amulets that she brought to the program. The contestant first showed a Buddha statue, and then she took out two other objects: a picture of San Expedito and a photograph of his father.

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“What is it holding?” Kaczka asked the participant. That she without hesitation she answered: “a buddha. bring good luckIt belongs to my cousin and I brought it with me because I always kiss her tummy”.

The 8 steps of the million. Photo: eltrece

After explaining the origin of the lucky statue that led to the the thirteen, Monica showed a card and a photograph. “And what else did you get?” asked the driver.

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I brought the photo of my dad and San Expedito. I asked everyone,” explained the participant. Monica also said that she brought all those precious objects to the contest to the cycle of the thirteen to reach the final and become the millionaire prize winner.

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The moving stories of the participants of the 8 steps reach the heart of the jury of the cycle led by Guido Kaczka. It is that the sacrifice and the firm will of each one of them makes the moment of winning very emotional.

The winner of The 8 Steps of 3 Million broke down upon winning the prize and thanked God.  (Photo: TN)

The winner of The 8 Steps of 3 Million broke down upon winning the prize and thanked God. (Photo: TN)

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On this occasion, the new winner of the 3 million pesos broke down when he won the prize and began to cry while thanking God. “Juan Gómez, three million pesos, the three million are yours, you won them whole!!! The biggest prize for Juan Gómez, Juan Gómez the winner, congratulations Juan, many congratulations”, exclaimed the driver.

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