A new tax for those who joined the laundering is unconstitutional

César Litvin, CEO of Lisicki, Litvin & Asociados, assured that “the project of a special tax for those who adhered to money laundering is unconstitutional”

César Litvin, CEO of Lisicki, Litvin & Asociados, assured that “the draft of a special tax for those who adhered to money laundering is categorically unconstitutional

President Alberto Fernández endorsed a bill that prepares the Front of All to establish a special tax on those who entered the laundering Fiscal 2017, during the Government of Mauricio Macri.

“It is logical that they make an effort,” said the head of state.

He noted that those who entered the tax sincere were “those who have gained the most or who have benefited the most after having defrauded the State for not paying taxes, “he said.

“It is much more reasonable to ask for an effort from them than from Carla Vizzoti (Secretary of Access to Health) who earns $ 150,000 and who is working all day on the street. That law has a greater logic than what they say we give something of our salary, “said Alberto Fernández in an interview with the blog El Cohete a la Luna.


Regarding the idea, César Litvin added that “it affects the guarantee of the property right given that a tax plus not foreseen in the original law is charged retroactively “.

In addition, there is already a special tax on taxpayers with assets abroad, which in some cases is also confiscatory “, indicated the renowned taxpayer.

“The National Constitution establishes a containment dam against the advance of the State and at the same time establishes true guarantees for taxpayers. Likewise, this project also affects legal security, which is necessary more than ever at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, “Litvin concluded.

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