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With this step in cash, he joins the driver Marcelo Longobardi, who was the first to start this exodus, and Pablo Rossi, who will not work

A new resignation struck again Radio MiterThis is the journalist Laura Di Marco, who with this decision joins Marcelo Longobardi, who was the first to start this exodus, and his cycling partner, Pablo Rossi.

“Friends, just to tell you that I’m leaving @radiomitre. They were 6 intense and beautiful years. Just thanks: first to our listeners, to @guidovaleri for giving me the opportunity and to the generous boss of @PRossiOficial. The radio captivated me. I will seek new horizons, “Laura Di Marco posted on her Twitter account, confirming her resignation.

Although it is not yet known where Laura Di Marco will end, the journalist Pablo Montagna reported on his Twitter account that he would have decided to step aside after he was not guaranteed the conduction of the afternoon program, Returning home.

This happened after the resignation last week of Pablo Rossi himself, who had informed the Radio Miter authorities that he would not continue on the station next year. He also informed the Going Home team of his decision not to renew his contract. This was the second resignation of an important figure of the AM 790, after the dismissal of Marcelo Longobardi a few weeks ago.

Journalist Laura Di Marco resigned from Radio Miter

Longobardi told the truth about his resignation from Radio Miter

At the beginning of November, the surprising news of the journalist’s resignation was known Marcelo longobardi to the conduction of the most listened to program of Radio Miter, “Every morning”.

The news was like a bucket of cold water both for the audience, as well as for his colleagues and the directors of the medium. And after several days of silence, the same journalist was in charge of making it known.

“You know that I have worked in various media and they have fired me and now I have resolved to throw myself out. It is a very complex decision to make, very traumatic and very deep personal feelings,” he began by saying on the air. Longobardi.

Longobardi told the truth about his resignation from Radio Miter

Longobardi told the truth about his resignation from Radio Miter

Later, he assured that everything comes down to knowing how to handle success and the meaning that this has for him, recognizing that although he understands “The positive side”, everything has an opposite side and it is not so easy to be a leader in something.

“These 21 are enough. To what extent does one have to stretch and hold on to those successful situations. One must know how to set a limit, It cannot be believed that it is that success. Success is not something eternal, it is a demon … handling it is very difficult, “explained the journalist.

The Basics of a Resignation

Now, Marcelo Longobardi was in “Let’s talk about another thing”, the program that he leads Pablo Servén by LN + and that shows the unknown side of the characters on radio and television, and gave unexpected details of his separation and his relationship with Jorge Lanata.

“I can’t explain well what happened, because it happened from one day to the next, although in my case came from a much more complex process and that it had to do essentially with not abusing a privilege, “the renowned journalist began by saying.

In addition, there he assured that he is not clear who will be his definitive replacement as of February and confided that not everything has to do with his confrontation with Jorge Lanata, but if he assumes that there may be but one of the triggers.

Both hosts had a constant dispute over their shows, “Every morning” and “Lanata without filter”, that cover the central strip of the radio (6 to 14 hours). The climate was increasingly unsustainable, there was a lot of bidding for the rating and a possible fight of egos.

It was Lanata himself who, in one of the last passes they shared, made him have a rather uncomfortable moment Longobardi and his own table mates, staying three minutes in total silence as a claim for the three minutes late that they delivered the program.

“We are all commodities (merchandise), bringing out Lanata who is a rockstar, a character of another magnitude,” said Marcelo Longobardi regarding his former partner. In addition, he assured that his contribution to Radio Miter was to create a pleasant and harmonious work environment, something that apparently the last time no longer occurred.

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