A mobility app enables a free bus for health personnel

This is a service that will allow health personnel to be transferred from the main hospitals in the province. Know the route

After the Chilean experience, when the Beat mobility app had free buses to transport people who needed to go to their jobs and could not do so because the subway had suspended their activities, the company decided to implement Beat Bus to move free to health personnel who must reach the main public hospitals in the province of Buenos Aires.

It is a bus service that makes the round trip from Liniers and goes through the public network hospitals in the province, such as the Posadas or Agudos Paroissien. It operates between 7 and 22 and will be available until April 12 inclusive.

To see the route you can enter the following link The company is currently evaluating the possibility of adding more units and expanding the number of hospitals to go through.

From the company, which suspended regular trips to be used only by people who have the permits to continue moving during the quarantine, they explained that the buses destined to transfer health personnel comply with health protocols to guarantee the safety of drivers and the passengers.

The use of mobility applications was one of the activities that suffered the most since preventive and compulsory social isolation began. In fact, Uber usage fell 84% during the first XXL weekend of quarantine, according to figures released by Telecom.

Given this scenario, on March 24, Beat announced the temporary deactivation of regular services to activate ‘Mission’, which allows authorized workers to use this service to move, in addition to enabling the method of sending medical supplies, hygiene and food from one place to another.

“We understand the emergency situation in which we find ourselves, and we are committed to the mobility of all those who care for us. Therefore, we will provide support for the transfer of health professionals, free of charge,” said Patricia Jebsen, general manager. by Beat Argentina

The decision to implement a service that moves through the province of Buenos Aires responds to the fact that it is one of the areas that requires the most effort, although adding new stops is not ruled out.

A few days ago, the CGT asked the national government for free transportation for health personnel who continue to travel daily to clinics and hospitals for the duration of preventive and compulsory social isolation. Some provincial governments ordered that health personnel could travel without paying, such as the cases of Corrientes or Tucumán.

As stated above, the service implemented by the mobility app is an adaptation of the one that was launched in November last year in Chile, when the social crisis broke out and line 4 of the metro service in Santiago was paralyzed, the capital of that country.

At that time, the company assigned groups to do the same route of that subway line to transfer free of charge the workers who had to continue to carry out their activities.

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