A dog traveled 450 kilometers by taxi to be with his owner

Soledad lives with her husband Daniel and their son Kalén in the town of San Antonio Oeste, in Río Negro. Before the quarantine they bought a dog, but when the mandatory isolation was decreed they could not go to look for it until Cipolletti. That is why it occurred to the woman that the animal travel in cab.

“What we paid was not cheap, but everyone put a grain of sand for ‘Bear’ to get home. Beyond the money it was an act of love. We wanted to have it at home, “said Soledad in dialogue with TN and The People.

The meeting between Bear and Soledad. (Photo: Video capture).

Is not the first pet in the family: They already live with a dog that they found on the street, two cats, and a kitten that they rescued. And now this is added German long-haired sheepdog who was born on April 23.

“By quarantine we couldn’t go get itSo I told the owner of the hatchery to give it to someone else and I was still waiting. But he said no, that that dog had to be with us. Then it occurred to us that he would travel by taxi and luckily from Saturday is in his new house“he detailed.

When he finally arrived in San Antonio Oeste after the lake trip and got out of the taxi, the dog was received by Soledad. She wrapped him in a blanket, tucked him against his chest, and carried him home.

‘Bear’ was very well received by Kalén with whom did not stop playing, and for the other animals. This Wednesday she took her first family outing on a trip that Soledad and her husband made to Las Grutas.

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