A Cordovan professor used anti-Semitic slogans in his international politics class

A university professor of Cordova used anti-semitic phrases in his International Politics class. The incident occurred in a class at the 21st Century University, one of the most exclusive educational institutions in the province.

In an online chair that reviewed the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict And in front of a map of the Middle East, the teacher Esteban Lizondo asked his students: “What do the Jews have to offer, boys? What do Jews normally offer? Silver. No more, no less. American politics, campaigns, are financed by these groups, “said the teacher and then went for more, mixing all kinds of concepts. “You saw the documentary Little Orthodox. It is as simple as this. I would give the Christmas bonus to whoever finds a poor Jew. There are no poor Jews, boys and that already shows them the power that the Jews have, “added the teacher.” Go to fight silver for a Jew, as is. Guys, why do you think the Nazis killed so many Jews? Because of the envy they had. Imagine you, the Germans bleeding to death in a terminal economic crisis, with hyperinflation, and the Jews continued to lend money, they continued to enrich themselves, “he added.

DAIA repudiation

The Cordoba branch of the Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations (DAIA) issued a statement on this issue expressing its repudiation before “the discriminatory contents and incitement to hatred on the part of the teacher in question. We will carry out all the necessary actions to achieve clarification by the justice system and the application of the sanctions that the legislation contemplates.”

This Monday there will be a meeting of the DAIA authorities with the managers of the 21st Century University who also published a letter in networks clarifying that the institution “does not admit any type of discrimination and in its classrooms the only limit to academic freedom and Thought is undemocratic attitudes and positions. “

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