A CDMX police officer who worked at Vive Latino died of Covid-19

An agent of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) died this Sunday for Covid-19.

The deceased police officer worked on March 14 and 15 in the security operation of the Vive Latino festival, as confirmed by authorities of the state agency to the Mexican newspaper Political Animal. After the event, he did not participate in any other action, since he was ill.

According to a statement released by the SSC, the agent, who was identified as Segundo Santillán, was attached to the Naples Sector. Began to present health problems on March 27, almost two weeks after the Vive Latino celebration.

“On March 27, a police officer assigned to the Naples Sector presented health problems, and after a medical check-up, he was diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus, so from that moment he was isolated and the necessary measures were taken, according to the medical protocol, with his colleagues and those who lived with him, “reads the information card of the state agency. “The wife of our partner, the policeman Segundo Santillán, notified this Secretariat that unfortunately he has lost his life”, Add.

Although agent Segundo Santillán was hospitalized on March 27, -13 days after the festival, it is unknown where and when he became infected. According to a police report to which he had access Political Animal, the wife of the deceased said that The symptoms started just after the music event on March 15. The new coronavirus takes around two weeks to incubate, so it could have been spread before Vive Latino.

Approximately on the 26th, the agent began to suffer from a worrying digestive condition, with severe vomiting and diarrhea. It was then that he went to ISSSTE, where they confirmed that he had Covid-19. The SSC did not reveal if he suffered from any previous pathology that complicated his recovery.

Now, fear has spread in the police force, according to an agent from the Naples sector to The universal. Under anonymity, he denounced that they have not had diagnostic tests.

“The problem is more serious, now he was a partner, see how long he endured and lived with the virus. You do not know how his family is, his closest ones, we do not know if others who came to take care of that event [el Vive Latino] They also spread and infected us, “he said. “None of us have been tested. We do not know how many of those who are working have the virus, “he added.

The celebration of the Vive Latino sparked a great controversy.

Countries like Italy and Spain were in check by the Covid-19, and the number of cases there, increased at the speed of gunpowder. In Latin America, nations such as Argentina or Peru were armored against the coronavirus and took drastic measures to prevent the spread of the disease in their territories. And while, in Mexico the authorities continued with an astonishing normality.

The Mexico City state executive allowed the celebration of Vive Latino, an event that hoped to bring together 70,000 people, but which ultimately only brought together 40,000.

Some groups such as All Them Witches, Ambar Lucid, Rodrigo and Gabriela, Enrique Bunbury, Fangoria or Vetusta Morla canceled their performances, believing that it was not safe for fans. On the day of the concert, the Ministry of Health had already reported 41 cases in the country. Soon after, on March 18, the first Covid-19 death would occur in the Republic.

Despite the international situation, the spread of the virus throughout the territory, and the cancellation of different gangs, the festival was held. And a health operation was deployed that included eight medical tents, filters with infrared thermometers at the entrances, 92 paramedics, 10 doctors and 8 ambulances.

Although 27 people with high fever were detected in these controls, it was ensured that none carried any danger, since in specialized reviews cases were completely ruled out.

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