A 16-year-old boy has a severe spinal deformity and expects to be operated on as soon as possible.

Nehuen Lautaro Moscoso He is 16 years old and is a native of Las Lajas, in the province of Tucumán. The young man suffers from spinal deviation so severe that it compresses the lungs. Also has right hemiparesis and autism. And also microcephaly and developmental delay.

The day to day of the adolescent is very hard: he still walks but tires very quickly and needs an orthopedic chair. He has trouble bending over and bending his legs to put on his shoes and tie his shoelaces. At night she doesn’t know how to accommodate her body in bed and that it doesn’t hurt. She can’t find a comfortable position. He toss and turn a lot until sleep overcomes him, according to what his relatives explained.

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His spinal deviation causes him a lot of pain. (Photo: LM Neuquén).

His mother fears for his life. The woman asks that they please operate on him soon and that they stop postponing the surgery, which is scheduled to be done at the Castro Rendón hospital.

“I only want is that they operate soon. Since 2021 we are around with this. Do I have to keep waiting and be told that nothing can be done anymore? No. I want them to operate on it now,” he said. Hilda Andrea Saez.

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His family spoke to the media about their daily struggle for access to healthcare and education. Hilda said that the doctors at the Castro Rendón hospital They were going to operate on him in December of last year, but the operating room where they were going to do the intervention closed for repairs. Surgery was postponed to February.

This is how Nehuén's disease progressed in 3 years.  (Photo: LM Neuquén).

This is how Nehuén’s disease progressed in 3 years. (Photo: LM Neuquén).

Then I no longer remember why they changed the date again. It was going to be next March 30, one day before my son’s birthday. But yesterday -Tuesday- one of the traumatologists called me to tell me that the team is there, the operating room is there, but the supplies for the operation are missing. I mean, we’re going to keep going around. I’m going to Neuquén next Monday, and I’m asking that the operation be done in the same way, whatever it may be, with a collection to raise the money, I don’t know. But my son can’t wait any longer“, the woman said.

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Hilda knows that supplies are expensive, but she doesn’t lose hope. “The doctors who are going to operate on him are both very good, but if they don’t have the conditions to work, they can’t do much either.. Unfortunately it is so, here -in Las Lajas- the same thing happens. A lot of things are missing that are not being delivered,” the woman said.

Concern is growing because, according to the mother, “his chest is compressing his lungs”. To be more graphic, she noticed that her navel is no longer seen as hunched over as her body is. In addition, she said that she regularly takes her heart rate and note they are low.

On March 31, Nehuen will be 17 years old. “The gift I would like for him is his surgery,” his mother concluded..

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