60% of ACCOUNTANTS will not be able to meet clients

Only 40% of professionals said that they will be able to fulfill all the presentations by being able to work from home.

60% of accountants will not be able to comply with their clients’ tax filings in the mandatory isolation period according to a survey carried out through Twitter by the Accountant’s Blog.

The question asked to the professionals was the following: “If the quarantine is extended and there is no extension of maturities, are you going to be able to fulfill the obligations of your clients?

When asked, 40.9% answered that they work from home. Meanwhile, 40% He said that he will be able to partially comply with only some presentations and the remaining 19.1% directly answered that he will not be able to comply with any of the presentations. because you will not be able to approach the study.

These numbers further support the need for the AFIP to grant a quick general extension of maturities.

We recall that from different professional councils in the country as well as through different business chambers, The tax payment extension has been repeatedly requested.

However, uncertainty remains as to whether the postponement will reach all sectors of the economy in general or only those affected by quarantine, whether it will be for all taxes in general or only some, or if it will be only for MSMEs or small taxpayers. .

From the Treasury, the issue would be analyzed in accordance with the extension of the period of compulsory social isolation, which has already been announced to be until April 12.

“We understand that the obligation to submit and pay all tax obligations and social security resources whose due dates have occurred during the period of isolation, that is to say from March 20 to April 12 next, at least, should be postponed,” point from the professional blog.

The postponement should be for a period of not less than 30 days from the last day of mandatory isolation or a schedule could be established depending on whether it is small, medium or large taxpayers, obviously giving more time to those with fewer resources.

Needless to say, the extension of AFIP should be accompanied by a similar measure by the provincial and municipal tax administrations and for the same period as the national body has.

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