3 most valuable car brands in the world: what happened to Tesla

The ranking has just been released with the 100 most valuable firms in the world, including car companies. Which are?

Three car brands are included in the list of the 100 most valuable brands in the world, that each year compiles the Kantar firm, while the luxury electric car manufacturer was left out, despite its appreciation.

According to the latest report from market consultancy Kantar, the 100 most valuable companies in the world added up to a combined value of 5 trillion dollars in 2020.

Kantar, which is a division of the multinational WPP, has been releasing this information for 15 years to prepare its recognized ranking “Global BrandZ Top 100 of the Most Valuable Brands”.

As for the sector of automotives, those included are:

1- Toyota

It is valued at 28,388 million dollars, which places it 48th in the table of the 100 most valuable brands

2- Mercedes-Benz

It is located at number 56, with a valuation of $ 21,349 million

3- BMW

Valued at $ 20,517 million, the German firm is ranked 61

For this year, Kantar analysts concluded that the ranking reveals “growth undisputed power and influence of technology“in the value of companies. Not for nothing, the main ones”drivers “ of value growth were innovation and creativity.

What happened to tesla

Although the increase in tesla evaluation was 22%, or $ 11.35 billion, the brand founded by Elon musk was left out of the list of the 100 most valuable.

The ranking is headed by Amazon, with a value of 415,855 million dollars; Manzana, with 352,206 million dollars; and Microsoft, with 326,544 million.

Kantar’s listing also found that the automotive sector is losing value compared to the technological, which is favoring Tesla, which for some analysts is more a Silicon Valley company than Detroit.

With the exception of Tesla, the top 10 car brands lost value on this year’s list. In 2018, Ford and Honda, two of the world’s leading automakers, were left out of the list.

Despite the 22% growth in its valuation, it is not among the top 100

Despite 22% growth in its valuation, Musk’s company isn’t in the top 100

For next year, Kantar’s ranking in all probability will include Tesla thanks to the strong appreciation since the beginning of 2020 of their titles in the Stock market.

In fact, since Elon Musk’s company went public 10 years ago, the value of its securities has multiplied more than 4,000%, more than the values ​​of the main companies in the technology and automotive sector.

When Tesla went public in 2010, the automaker’s shares were trading at $ 17.. On Tuesday, the company’s shares closed at $ 1,009.35, a 4.125% increase.

The increase in the value of Tesla’s shares since 2010 far exceeds that of companies like Netflix, Amazon or Apple in that same period and is light years ahead of General Motors (GM) and Ford, the two largest automakers in the United States. Even though Tesla’s size is a fraction of Detroit’s two giants.

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