25 sites to watch FREE MOVIES online

The consumption of movies and series on online platforms is growing and highly demanded, especially in times of mandatory isolation

Quarantine and isolation can predispose to boredom, not knowing what to do with idle time. There are many activities that can be done during that time, even in the comfort of home.

One of them is watching movies or series, one of the classic forms of entertainment, that never goes out of style and can always have a good time.

Beyond the cinema and the paid platforms that are currently on the market, there are many films that are not so easily found and that, if you want to see them, take considerable time searching.

For this there are Internet pages where you can find movies and series for free, without having to put a credit card or pay in any other way. However, they have a disadvantage, which is the excessive advertising that appears in some cases; Much of it can be avoided with an adblocker that is added to the search engine from where the content is consumed.

Watching movies is one of the activities that can be done at home

Although sometimes it can be a problem to find good pages to enjoy a movie, there are some sites that can be useful to find movies and series online and do it for free.

1. HD Full

HD Full It is one of the most recommended websites to see movies in Spanish lenguaje without registering. As soon as you enter you can filter by genre, year of release and country, and based on the results, choose which movie you want to see.

2. GoMovies

GoMovies offers a wide catalog of series and films, many of them in HD quality. It is important to clarify that your interface is in English, a feature that can make it difficult for those who do not have a command of this language.


As the name of this website suggests, it is a good option to watch movies from a search and filter system in Spanish; Furthermore, a large part of the films that are available there are also in Spanish. For many it can be a relief, while for others it can be problematic, since there are those who prefer to watch movies in the original language and not dubbed into Spanish. is one of the sites to see titles for free is one of the sites to see titles for free


Gnula It is one of the best websites to see movies online and free. It was created in 2013 and since then it has improved enormously its quality. His movies are in HD quality, and it’s possible to see them in several languages; many times in Spanish and other original versions but with Spanish subtitles. This feature is important for those who prefer to watch movies in their original language.

5. is one of the best cinema websites and is spam free, so there are few problems that can be had when watching a movie. A feature not least in fans who are looking to entertain themselves with a movie without distractions. On this page it is possible to find great variety of titles current, almost contemporary, since their repertoire is based on current “movies”, from 2009 to the latest news.


This page contains content from great quality and variety. His billboard is one of the most interesting for moviegoers, who can find the latest releases right at the top of the site. This helps to find the news, which is always interesting to know. The web too highlights the most viewed and valued movies by users.


As if it were “Wikipedia”, here it is possible to find a lot of content, but in audiovisual format, about movies. On this site it will be possible to watch movies and series in their original language and also dubbed or subtitled.


Definitely, one of the best websites to watch movies in english. A page of great quality, simplicity, reliability and HD content. This is one of the best pages to enjoy feature films 24 hours a day.


Without a doubt, it is a page that viewers may like, especially those looking for titles in Spanish. One of the main features of this page is that it not only allows you to view the material online, but it can also be downloaded and viewed at another time where there is no internet connection. An option that until now only allowed paid platforms like Netflix.


A highly recommended site for excellent excellent quality and variety of content. On the web it is possible to find different options, such as movies in the original language, classic movies or recent releases.

11. FMovies

FMovies is in English, but for those who speak it it is an excellent option. FMovies has a very wide variety of films, which will allow you to spend idle time without getting bored.

12. Yidium

Yidium It is another interesting option, the variety of titles is wide and it is simple to use. However, it is important to note that not all content is free, only a part of the films offered there are free.


Another one of those pages at the forefront of online movie websites. With a lot of content, little advertising and a unique quality. A great page of free titles, from the most current to some older ones.


As its name suggests, it is a quality page, where it is possible to find feature films in Spanish, Portuguese and English, always with the best quality in HD and Blue Ray. On its website the different sections are specified according to genres: drama, adventure, science fiction, etc. Although it is possible to find advertising at times, it is not invasive.


Another great option for watching movies with the highest HD quality and no invasive advertising. Although the page layout is not a big deal, its functionality is excellent. In its content it is possible to find both movies like TV series.

16. Xmovies8

For many, the best online movie website we can find. The vast majority of films are opening this year. The web design is good and functional. Almost all of their Movies are in HD.


Another best page for watching movies online that has a good web design that is very usable and adapts to many screen sizes, and offers a good user experience for its non-invasive advertising. It has more than 10,000 free online movies.


A website with a wide range of movies divided by genres: comedy, drama, terror … On the page it is possible to find a description to know if you are interested in seeing the film or not before spending a few minutes watching something that seemed what it was not.


This free online movie website has been running for a long time, so it is a whole classic. It offers a large amount of content in which it is not only possible to view feature films, but also series and novels.

Cuevana3 is one of the places to watch movies for free

Cuevana3 is one of the places to watch movies for free


For anyone who likes movies and also in English, this is the perfect website to watch movies online and for free. This site offers a wide variety of movies, both current as classic, to be able to spend hours and hours hooked to the screen.


A website with a beautiful and functional design, where you can not only find movies, but also It has American, Korean and Chinese series. It is one of the pages that has titles difficult to get on other sites.

22. Viewster

This place is not only one of the best websites to see online moviesbut alsos provides the ability to view series. On the other hand, many of the titles in their catalog are relatively unknown but equally recommended oddities.

23. Crackle

Another website of streaming of online movies that is highly recommended for lovers of the variety of genres. In addition, it is also possible to see several of the most current series, making it easy to find options that interest more than one person and can be seen in company without complications.

24. Legally free

An excellent compilation of movies available on the Internet for free that emphasizes the idea that there is life beyond the premieres of recent years, Although there are also some other recent surprises.

25. Filmon

One of the free movie websites with a broader repertoire of content, as it includes many documentaries and even short films.

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