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His name is Charles Feeney and he amassed a fortune of more than 8,000 million dollars, but he decided to donate it and live austerely.

Charles Feeney is a man who never had a house of his own, not even a car of his own. The watch he wears barely cost him more than 10 dollars and, at 90 years old, He doesn’t have any frills in his life. However, despite the austerity he shows, this man is a billionaire: He came to amass a fortune of more than 8,000 million dollars.

He came into that money when, in 1960, he made a change in his business: he decided that the stores he used to sell products to the American military traveling to Europe would become duty-free stores. In this way, he created, together with his partner Robert Miller, a business empire that all those who have ever taken a plane will have helped to build. His company, Duty Free Shoppers (DFS), today employs more than 9,000 people worldwide.

Regardless of success in business, however, Charles Feeney was really interested in helping others. That is how he began to donate money to different associations and projects all over the planet. Feeney traveled the world with his business, but He took the opportunity to learn about the needs of different groups to whom, in a secret and disinterested way, he gave large amounts of money.

Charles Feeney donated his fortune

His biographer, Conor O’Clery, assures that Feeney’s life changed after reading ‘Wealth’, the work of a famous American philanthropist named Andrew Carnegie which is also known as ‘The Gospel of Wealth’. Some phrases like “to die rich is to die in disgrace” made Charles Feeney change.

When he turned 50, the business tycoon made the decision to create a foundation to channel his donations. Thus, in 1982 was born The Atlantic Philanthropies, an NGO destined to distribute its fortune throughout the world through donations to the most diverse causes.

But during the first 15 years of existence, those donations were still made in secret, which is why some people hung the nickname of being the James Bond of philanthropy. Now 89, Charles Feeney you can look back and be satisfied with what you did with your life.

As the BBC publishes, his philanthropic organization will cease to exist at the end of this year because it fulfilled its purpose: to give all his money to just causes while he was alive. In total, about 8,000 million dollars, more than 7,000 million euros to change.

The cause closest to his heart was education and he received the highest percentage of donations. Cornell University, his alma mater, received nearly a billion dollars over the years for projects like building a technology campus.

Charles Feeney is the businessman

Charles Feeney is the businessman who donated his $8 billion fortune

Another 870 million dollars were allocated to social causes focused on human rights. He donated $62 million in grants to groups working to abolish the death penalty in the United States and $76 million to campaigns promoting the Obamacare bill.

Health was another big cause Feeney turned his attention to. He donated more than $700 million in aid to this sector, including a $270 million grant to improve the public health system in Vietnam and a $176 million check to the Institute for Global Brain Health at the University of California, San Francisco.

Charles Feeney, Chuck to his friends, now lives with his wife in a small two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. He doesn’t need more because he’s happy that way, just like with his ten-dollar watch. His way of seeing life influenced other great millionaires such as Warren Buffet or the Gates couple, who joined his initiative of “donating while living”. A great man.

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