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After the strong inflationary spike last year was officially known, the unions promote the reopening of joint ventures and new increases arrive

January and February are usually key months to define salary forecasts for the rest of the year. Although they are few in number, the paritarias of the first month of the year usually generate a reference in terms of income. Even more so, after the INDEC revealed that inflation for 2021 closed at 50.9%, well above official forecasts and what many unions had “fixed”.

In this context, there are workers who in February they will receive increases fixed in previous previous agreements while, in parallel, syndicated of the public and private sectors that have already given the initial kick to recompose income through the reopening of parity.

For example, the Banking Association opened this Friday its 2022 joint discussion with the business chambers of the sector. Within what has been negotiated by different unions in recent years, the wage agreement for workers in financial entities is considered “high-end” in terms of percentage, bonus and participation in the profits of employers.

From the union they aspire to sign an agreement for a fixed sum until March, in order to evaluate the level of inflation within the first quarter, and then face the negotiation of percentages.

La Bancaria sealed its 2021 pact at the end of December with the four business chambers, an occasion in which agreed to add 8 percent to end the year with a 51 percent improvement.

Counting the aggregate profit sharing of 3,436 pesos and applying 8 percent to all additional the initial salary from December for bankers became 122,304 pesos.

Commerce, Banking, Oil, State and Teachers, the parity that will mark the first landmark of 2022

According to iProfesional, from the Executive discard that this year they will have to allow a scheme of negotiation similar to that of 2021: “The joint ventures will always have review clauses because they are a reinsurance for workers and employers,” confirmed sources from the labor portfolio.

They also confirmed that “the idea for 2022 is to recover salary, like this year. The goal is still for salaries to beat inflation.”

Others who moved their chips to rush the businessmen were the tankers. Driven by the unity achieved by the unions of Patagonia, the most powerful in the country, they agreed that on the 25th of this month they will return to joint talks.

In this framework, they will seek to review what was signed in 2020, seal a bonus as a bonus and advance the 2022 parity. An explosive combo with an uncertain ending.

More predictable, but with a much more powerful impact on the labor market, is what will happen with the Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECyS) commanded by Armando Cavalieri. It is that both the union and the employers had already set a salary review for January.

As it turned out in the last hours Cavalieri raised his claim to obtain an additional 16% for workers in the sector. The intention is to end the parity year with an increase of more than 50%. Contacts are expected to accelerate in the second half of the month.

In the public sector the picture is quite similar. The states, represented by UPCN Y ATE, they have to discuss their assets again this month, after the year-end bonus of 20 thousand pesos that they sealed in December.

from the Executive they rule out that this year they will have to allow a negotiation scheme similar to that of 2021

The workers of the national public administration and of the decentralized organisms of the State have been agreeing on short parities and the intention is that the promise of the Government is fulfilled: “Let wages beat inflation.”

Waiting, like every January, there are also the teachers. The unions intend that in the course of the month there will be news of the national parity so that this is a reference in the subsequent salary discussions with each of the provinces.

The intention is to discuss salaries with time and not reach the joint closure with the sword of Damocles at the beginning of classes, which usually presents an additional problem.

Salaries 2022: these are the increases that arrive in February

Trade Clerks

With the rise of 8% in January, the minimum wage for the activity starts at $70,770 plus the payment of a remunerative sum that starts at $4,529, according to the category of agreement.

Then, in February, the last non-remunerative tranche of 8% will be applied. In this way, the schedule currently established in the joint venture will be concluded.


The Metallurgical Workers Union (UOM) agreed during 2021 an agreement to achieve a salary increase of 50.2%. To an initially agreed 35.2%, three payments with increases of 5% were added later -revision through-, corresponding to the months of January, February and March 2022.


The workers of the union UOCRA (Construction Workers’ Union of the Argentine Republic) will receive in February the last of four non-remunerative installments agreed upon last year. The annual increase in wages in this activity was 47.8% and a new peer review will begin in February.

The numerous construction guild will receive a raise in February.

The numerous construction guild will receive a raise in February.


The family-led union Moyano will discuss from next month a new parity. Meanwhile, truck drivers will begin to collect a bonus of $48,000 that will be paid in four monthly installments starting in February.

wine industry

Employees affiliated with the Federation of Wine and Related Workers and Employees (FOEVA) will receive a 10% increase in February 2022, so the basic will be $45,000 plus $4,500 non-remunerated. The vineyard workers will receive $42,953 base, with an additional $4,295 and $4,795 for snacks.

tire workers

Sutna is the Single Union of Workers of the Argentine tire, which agreed to a 50% increase for the 2020/2021 joint venture and a year-end bonus of $21,000. Next month the last tranche of the agreement will be paid, which was defined as follows: 12% retroactive to July, 11% in October, 10% in December and 17% in February 2022.

Service stations

The Union FOESGRA brings together employees of service stations and garages. Next month they will receive an 8% increase in relation to the remuneration set in October.


The Health Union signed an increase of 45% with medicine providers in four installments: 15% in July, 15% in September, 10% in November and 5% in February 2022. This same month the peer review will open .