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The libertarian national deputy has a high rate of national knowledge and obtained surprising numbers in some districts

The Javier Milei phenomenon breaking into politics and obtaining 17% of the votes in the City of Buenos Aires, being elected national deputy for the Avanza Libertad party and with a harsh speech against the “political caste”, was undoubtedly one of the revelations of the political spectrum from last year. However, until now no one had dimensioned the federal reach of his figure and his speech that, with a new survey, left surprises to analyze.

The consulting firm CB Consultora Opinion Pública was the one that He decided measure the liberal economist phenomenon, revealing some 11 provinces where you have one positive image that overcomes its negative image.

Milei continues to garner followers.

Likewise, it has a high level of knowledge throughout the country, with a notable difference in the City of Buenos Aires, province of Buenos Aires and in Córdoba, where it exceeds 80%, and with 75% in Santa Fe, Mendoza and Entre Rivers.

On the other hand, his strong political discourse also generates there is a crack on it: an anti-K and opposition sector that banks it and another that is located on the opposite sidewalk. That is also why Together for Change follows their movements as well.

Numbers in favor of Milei

His forte is undoubtedly Buenos aires city, where you have a 47.1% positive image, although also a high negative rate of 40.2%. However, it closes in your favor.

The second district where Miley it has a better image Cordova, with 40.8% and 39.4% negative. Other provinces where it has a favorable balance are places like La Rioja, Entre Ríos, Salta.

The winner of the salary donated by Milei.

The winner of the salary donated by Milei.

The forecasts are as follows:

  • La Rioja (40.2% positive and 28.5% negative).
  • Entre Ríos (39.6% positive and 38.8% negative).
  • Santa Cruz (38.5% positive and 30.5% negative).
  • Salta (38.2% positive and 26.4% negative).
  • La Pampa (37.8% positive and 35% negative).
  • Currents (37.5% positive and 30.7% negative).
  • Río Negro (37.2% positive and 33.7% negative).
  • Neuquén (36.7% positive and 30.2% negative).
  • Chaco (33.8-5 positive and 29.2% negative).

As for the provinces where the polls show results against Milei, they are the following:

  • Santa Fe (34.1% positive and 45.3% negative).
  • Buenos Aires (38.3% positive and 42% negative).
  • Mendoza (37.7% positive and 40.3% negative).
  • San Juan (32.6% positive and 37.1% negative).
  • Jujuy (30.1% positive and 39.5% negative).
  • Catamarca (29.5% positive and 36.7% negative).
  • Tierra del Fuego (28.8% positive and 42.1% negative).
  • San Luis (28.5% positive and 41.9% negative).
  • Misiones (27.6% positive and 42.1% negative).
  • Tucumán (26.2% positive and 32.3% negative).
  • Formosa (24.4% positive and 36.3% negative).
  • Chubut (23.1% positive and 44.6% negative).
  • Santiago del Estero (21.2% positive and 45.3% negative).

Let’s remember that a few days ago, Milei raffled his deputy salary with more than seven million people who entered the site. As per his promise, he will repeat this draw every month.

The initiative of the national deputy, who took office on December 10, caused a furor on social networks. To such an extent was this furor that, according to what is reported on the website set up for this draw, 1,040,625 people signed up.

The results were announced from a stage that was set up in Playa Grande and were controlled by a notary public. In addition, they can be consulted through the website provided for the draw.

The winner was Hugo Federico Nacarado, who has 10 days to present himself and prove his identity to win his prize.