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Inflation is one of the main concerns and the freeze became the campaign slogan for the November 14 elections

Several mayors of Greater Buenos Aires went out this Saturday to visit supermarkets and shops to verify that comply with the price freeze established by the Secretary of Commerce directed by Roberto Feletti. The acceleration of inflation, especially for mass consumer products, is one of the main official concerns and the price freeze was consolidated as a slogan in the campaign speech for the November 14 elections.

The Government’s intention is to show “closeness” to people’s problems, according to the strategy designed by the Catalan communication consultant Antoni Gutiérrez Rubí. Yesterday, President Alberto Fernández had a long lunch with mayors of the first and third electoral sections of the province of Buenos Aires to reinforce that campaign leadership. The first line of Government participated.

The intention of the Government is to show “closeness” with the problems of the people

“It is time to bet on work and production, taking care of the pocket of our neighbors,” said the mayor of Almirante Brown, Mariano Cascallares, on his Twitter account. “For this reason, in coordination with the Nation and the Province, we continue to visit businesses, supervising prices and controlling inflation,” he said.

The mayor of Florencio Varela, Andrés Watson, said for his part that in that party they are “touring the shops to carry out the careful price survey.” In his Twitter account, Watson specified that the program “covers all the stores in the city with 1,432 products.” “Yes to control inflation, take care of people’s pockets and stop speculators,” said the communal chief.

This morning, the mayor of La Matanza, Fernando Espinoza, toured the facilities of Walmart de San Justo, where he carried out a supervision in order to verify that the mass consumer price control measures are being implemented, in accordance with the established by resolution 1050/21 of the Ministry of Internal Trade, which ordered the freezing for 90 days of the prices of 1,432 mass consumption products at the value in force on October 1.

“Being touring the facilities of this hypermarket in San Justo and checking that they are complying with the price control measures is very gratifying,” said Espinoza, and highlighted: “Those who have Care Prices will sell more, and if they sell more there is more profit “.

Controlled of marketing

Alberto Fernández headed this Friday a lunch at the Olivos residence with mayors of the conurbano of the first and third electoral sections together with part of his cabinet, as well as the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, and Máximo Kirchner, to talk about the price freezing and the tour that was carried out this Saturday to control compliance with the Internal Trade provision.

This week, the President had also met with the leadership of the Autonomous CTA and raised the fight against inflation as a priority. In that talk, the head of state questioned that a minority of companies blocked the price agreement and defended the resolution of freezing that, he said, includes a “wide basket of goods of mass consumption necessary so that they have a fair, stable and safe price”. He also affirmed that it is a measure that aims to calm prices, control inflation and return certainty to Argentine families.

“YES to guarantee prices”, “YES to control inflation”, “YES to take care of families”, says the campaign of the Frente de Todos (FdT), which aims to link government action with one of the issues that is on the podium of concerns: rising prices.

“The hard and soft voters of the FdT blame the businessmen for the price increase. And a sector of the voters of Juntos thinks the same thing. All they demand of the Government is that it do something, that it defend them,” explained a national official to elDiarioAR. In this conceptual thread, everything is combined: the need to respond to an inflationary escalation, while again showing the proactive government in the face of a critical problem such as the rise in prices.

The United Supermarkets Association (ASU) assured that it is “working on the implementation”

Meanwhile, the candidate for national deputy for FdT for the province of Buenos Aires, Victoria Tolosa Paz, today expressed her support for the decision of the national government to freeze the prices of 1,432 mass consumer products until January 7 next “so that the reactivation reaches everyone “.

We take care of your pocket and your family’s table “, expressed Tolosa Paz on Twitter. In that sense, he indicated that” so that the reactivation reaches all of Buenos Aires, we believe in an organized community, which assumes from local governments the commitment to be on your side “.

This Friday, the United Supermarkets Association (ASU) assured that it is “working on the implementation” and pointed out that it depends, ultimately, on the “commitment” shown by suppliers.

“In the last week, the supermarket chains have worked for the implementation of Resolution 1050/2021, established by the national government. We trust that this work will bear fruit and that, as soon as possible, the resulting price change it is reflected in the gondolas, “says the text released by ASU. The official measure was ordered by Feletti after failing to promote it through full consensus with the different actors in the sector.