“The captain and the first officer are dead, and I killed them” / Argentina News

The event occurred at the height of Ensenada. After the episode, the Argentine, who was working for a Maltese flag ship, notified the Prefecture

In a brief communication but shocking, one of the crew of the oil tanker Ayane, anchored in the harbor of the port of La Plata, contacted the Traffic Control Center of the Argentine Naval Prefecture to report that the captain and the first officer of the ship were dead, and that he had killed them.

“The captain and the first officer are dead, I killed them. And I’m going to surrender. So I want a coast guard to come and I got arrested, ready. It’s as simple as that, “the self-confessed murderer, identified by official sources to Clarín as Carlos Eugenio Lima, 52, said in the radio communication.

The fatal victims of the bloody episode that occurred late on Friday were identified as Alejandro Daniel García (39 years old), captain of the ship, and Juan Alfonso Pegasano (48), first deck officer.

Lima is a former lieutenant of the Buenos Aires Police who was exonerated from the force in November 2007, when he was serving in the Lomas de Zamora Scientific Police division.

The ex-cop already starred in a violent episode in June 2008 in the town of City Bell, when after a verbal dispute he fired six shots at point-blank range at a neighbor, who was seriously injured.

On that occasion, Lima had decided to make some repairs in his house in the La Emilia neighborhood and for this he began to smash the pavement in front of the house of one of his neighbors, Gustavo Alfaro.

Seeing what was happening, Alfaro went out into the street to confront Lima and they began to argue. Tempers grew hotter until Lima pulled out a 9mm pistol and fired six times at his neighbor less than a meter and a half away.

Alfaro was shot in the left leg, two in the spine, one in the abdomen – it affected the intestine – and two in the left arm. Despite the seriousness of his injuries, he managed to survive the violent attack.

Meanwhile, after having shot the neighbor, the Former police officer entered his house and barricaded himself there, refusing to leave when police officers from La Plata arrived at the scene, who were shot several times before eventually turning themselves in.

The new fact

On this occasion, the sailor would be in the middle of a presumed psychotic break.

The accused, Argentine like the entire crew, attacked the two superiors in the last hours and then gave the alert to the Prefecture. At the moment the attack is being investigated while the Justice and Prefectural personnel work on the expertise, the gathering of evidence and the testimonies to the ship’s crew.

According to sources from the Prefecture, the crewman himself would have confessed to the crime through a telephone message. Last night, personnel from the Río de La Plata Traffic Control Center received a communication via the VHF channel, in which a person, who did not identify himself, reported that he had killed two men aboard the tanker “Ayane” and requested the presence of the Prefecture to surrender, reported La Nación.

One of the men who died on the ship.

The same sources detailed that after the call coordinated an operation The personnel of the force aboard the Cabo Corrientes coast guard, which was sailing near the area where the attack had occurred, was sent to the place where repeated attempts were made to communicate with the ship.

At the time of the incident the ship was not at sea, Rather, it was in the “anchoring” area, that is to say a little far from the port, waiting to enter the roadstead and go mooring. “The man called and asked to be fetched, he turned himself in. It was a prefecture coast guard and he reduced it. Until now gun not found“, they explained.

After that, the alleged perpetrator of the attack was learned. Meanwhile, the case studies are carried out. Meanwhile, Federal Court No. 3 of La Plata intervenes in the case, in charge of Dr. Ernesto Kreplak and Dr. Yamila Abdelcader of the secretariat No. 9.