Cristina celebrated Charly’s birthday with a video / Argentina News

The vice president added this Saturday to the greetings for the 70 years of one of the most popular musicians in the country with video included.

Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner joined this Saturday in the greetings for the 70 years of Charly García. Through his Twitter account he celebrated the birthday of one of the most popular and influential musicians in Argentina, with video included.

“His songs are part of our lives and accompanied with their great sensitivity the last 50 years of Argentine history,” wrote the ex-president. “Thank you Charly! Happy 70 years!”, Added in a publication with a video in which she is seen at a party. The camera focuses on her while she accompanies one of the Sui Generis classics, the group that launched García to fame: “Scratch the stones.”

Charly is one of the most important musicians in Argentine history.

His first band, The Walk Spanish, it took place during his adolescence. And in high school he met Nito Mestre, who also had a huge vocation as an artist, and together they created Sui Generis. But when they began to make their first presentations, García was summoned to do mandatory military service and despite the fact that his mother wanted to use her influences to protect him, he managed to evade his duty by his own means, since he was diagnosed as bipolar with a schizoid personality later to play a practical joke on the officers.

At the end of the 60s Charly and Nito made the great leap and forever changed the history of national rock. They became the most important artists of the moment and with songs such as Song for my death, Scratch the stones, Welcome to the train, Perhaps, because they conquered the young audience not only because of their melodies but also because of the deep content of their lyrics. But in 1973, after not obtaining the expected result with Little Anecdotes of Institutions, the third studio album, Charly decided to separate. And to make it big, they filled in nothing less than two Luna Park stadiums, something unthinkable for those times.

He continued on his way with The Bird Making Machine, a group that he formed with Carlos Cutaia, Gustavo Bazterrica, José Luis Fernández and Oscar Moro, but it was so well accepted by the public that it venerated the duo with Mestre. To make matters worse, the military coup of ’76 filled the artist with fear. Well founded fears, of course.

Finally, in 1977 he decided to leave the band and form Serú Girán, with David Lebón -with whom he wrote most of the lyrics-, Pedro Aznar and Oscar Moro. At first it was not easy for the public to give him a new look, but with Fat from the Capitals, the second studio album, his luck began to change. To top it all, in the darkest period in national history, Charly managed to tell what was happening through his songs, defying censorship with insight and intelligence, as he did with Alicia en el País song. “Having an enemy made me smart, it was a challenge to think more and find a way to say what I wanted to say,” he explained decades later.

Born on October 23, 1951, García receives tributes for his birthday, with shows at the CCK and at the Teatro Colón. During the previous days, greetings and acknowledgments have been added for their contributions to Argentine popular music.

The musician and CFK met on stage. It was almost a decade ago when Cristina assumed his second term. Precisely, on October 23, 2011, when Garcñia was celebrating six decades of life, the then president was reelected with 54 percent of the votes. On December 10, 2011, when he was sworn in, García took the stage set up in Plaza de Mayo and sang his version of the Argentine National Anthem.