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Lola sampedro



Since I have been single I have discovered a new world. It fascinates me, as well as worries me, so much disagreement and disappointment. I’m not saying it for myself, that doesn’t matter to me at this point, but I listen to it. Or at least I try. And I freak out.

Boredom and lack of interest in the other person reign. How hard is it to find someone to connect with Hey. When you reach a difficult age, it is complicated by what you want. You have become demanding, fucking demanding, that’s a little problem. I tell them, you have to be patient, we are all clumsy at first. But…

But … single women (come on, and singles) put up with what they end up hating. Being single has never been easy, not now or in the 16th century. It’s true, it’s easier for us to find basic sex. Still, zero pity with them. To cry, to cry.

The universe of singleness is vast and complicated. I did not know that, I had to find out. Important issues go through there, such as wanting to be a mother without knowing the father. A semen donor. That happens more every day, we would have to think at least why it happens. At this rate, as we continue like this or all lesbians or all mothers with a donor.

I tell you one thing, How brave you have to be to want to go through that alone. How super brave. I couldn’t have. I could not.

And everything is a lie. When someone gets there it is because they have burned all their ships. Of course we all want the ideal. That ideal that so often you neither know nor like.

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