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Nuria Ramos



The drop in temperatures and the arrival of the rain announce the return of coats, boots and umbrellas and make it necessary to review the equipment in the hall and check if it is ready for the new season. Before shopping, it is necessary analyze personal needs, so that it gives a real answer to what is needed on a day-to-day basis. Thus, in a house with children, a shoe rack and extra hangers for school backpacks are essential, while in an apartment for two, a console may be enough to store keys, mobile and mail. The choice will also depend on the space available, whether or not there is a built-in wardrobe next to the door or whether you want to place, for example, a full-length mirror, where you can take the last look before leaving the house. Equipping it with storage solutions should not translate into filling it with furniture and accessories, since instead of helping they can hinder and subtract meters. These six elements have everything to keep order and offer a perfect welcome.


  1. A bank

    A bank.
    A bank. – Knowhaus

    Multifunction furniture, such as a bench, is a good way to optimize the space in the hall without subtracting meters. Thus, it is perfect to take off comfortably and, at the same time, it provides a very practical surface to place a pocket tray for keys and mobile, or a basket for the ball, sports equipment and everything that children use to play outdoors. free. In addition, this space designed by Knowhaus provides a touch of warmth and as it is a flown design it is lighter and allows to leave backpacks or shoes underneath.

  2. An XL sideboard

    An XL sideboard.
    An XL sideboard. – Boca do Lobo

    In this Boca do Lobo proposal, the typical console has been replaced by a sideboard with four doors, which offers a large storage capacity. Without forgetting, the upper surface where keys, mobile or mail are left when entering the house. This solution is perfect for large hallways, although being white it is always lighter.

  3. A coat rack

    A coat rack.
    A coat rack. – Hannun

    It is one of the basic furniture of the entrance. Wall-mounted or standing, depending on the space available, it is very practical to hang your coats and bag. This one by Hannun (€ 349) also incorporates a shoe rack at the bottom and two shelves, one that can double as a shelf. Since it has wheels, it can be moved around if you need it and has become a real star on Instagram.

  4. A shelf with a shoe rack

    A shelf with a shoe rack.
    A shelf with a shoe rack. – String furniture

    This String Furniture solution has it all: a large shoe rack, shelves and hangers. Its height to the ceiling allows for vertical storage without recharging, so it can be placed both in a hall and in a corridor. To complete the set, a chair with a dresser at night, which can be moved from the bedroom to the entrance, providing a comfortable seat to take off your shoes and leave your jacket or jacket on.

  5. A multifunctional piece of furniture

    A multifunctional piece of furniture.
    A multifunctional piece of furniture. – La Redoute

    Bench, shoe rack, coat rack, shelf and… trunk! This proposal from La Redoute Interieurs (€ 427.99) is the dream of every lover of order, since in the site that occupies a single piece of furniture it houses five solutions (the top of the bench is raised and is a storage module) to have the entrance always organized.

  6. A wall-to-wall structure

    A wall-to-wall structure.
    A wall-to-wall structure. – Leroy Merlin

    If enough space is available, tailor-made solutions not only provide a valuable extra space to maintain order in the entrance, but will also release coats and shoes to the rest of the rooms. The Leroy Merlin Spaceo system (this composition is worth € 805.96) allows the structure to be designed according to the storage needs and the available meters of the hall, to get the most out of the room and functionality.

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