will collect the June fee with a 35.3% increase / Argentina News

The AFIP is informing on the Monotributo portal that the rates it will apply to collect the tax are those approved in April

Three days after expiration, a legend appears on the Monotributo portal for taxpayers that clarifies that they will pay this month’s installment with a 35.5% increase, and with the new category, if they changed due to the law approved in April by Congress.

The site of AFIP states the following:

“Next due date: your next due date is June 25, 2021 and the amount to be paid is” the one that corresponds to each monotax account holder.

“The quota for the month of June is the one foreseen in the tables currently in force by Law 27,618”, which was approved in April. This is with a rise of 35.3%.

“The differences that could result as a consequence of future modifications they will be reflected as credit balances on your account statement and you can reimpute them“, accepts the AFIP, since it will be paying more.

Later, another title says “Categorization of office“, and there it is established by which category the integrated tax is being charged to the monotax.

“If appropriate, You can modify this category until June 25, inclusive. You will only be able to modify your last assigned category “, warns the Monotributo portal.

Only 3 days left to correct the trade categorization and problems continue

System errors

When there are only 3 days to modify the category if you do not agree, the Argentine Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences (Facpce), representing the counters from all over the country, sent a note to AFIP warning that there are difficulties.

The Facpce recalled that, in accordance with RG 5003 that regulated the changes, the AFIP automatically recategorized monotax holders.

In the event that the taxpayer considers that he is not properly recategorized, he can access the “Monotributo” service in order to modify that categorization.

The deadline to make the change expires on June 25, but different operational difficulties are observed to modify the assigned re-categorizationstated the Facpce.

This occurs, in particular, when it occurs down. For example, From category H to category G, specified the Facpce.

Likewise, since the system was enabled, problems have been reported in the operability of the same, assured the entity that includes the accountants.

In this sense, We once again reiterate request for extension of deadlines, in order to comply with the terms of RG 5003, indicated the Facpce.

In the Income Tax, the systems also give errors with the CUIT of some banks

In the Income Tax, the systems also give errors with the CUIT of some banks

Profit Problems

While to load the affidavit of earnings of human persons there are a few days left, because it expires in July, the problems also started, and the accountants complained in the same note to the AFIP.

The Federation, in order to raise reports of errors in different applications of the agency’s website, reported the following:

Income Tax – Human Persons: an error is detected in the connection of the CUIT with the informed CBU. The system automatically brings up the CUIT of the bank to which the informed CBU corresponds.

In the event that the reported CBU corresponds to certain banks in the load of bank account balances, the system does not validate the CUIT, without the possibility of being able to correct it manually.

The Federation requested “to verify what was reported and make the corresponding adjustments so that users can have the computer tools duly operational and without the emission of errors or the impossibility of executing the tasks.“.