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The chinstraps became one of the main containment walls of the Covid, With the advance of vaccination, many discard them abroad

While many are already exhausted from using the chinstrap In any situation, many countries are beginning to relax the extent of using them outdoors.

In the case of Europe, in Spain a year ago the Government imposed the measure to use it in a generalized way, although it left the autonomous communities the power to regulate the measure. In this way, its use was mandatory in crowded spaces, although not in the field or in other places where distance could be maintained. Then came Law 2/2021, of March 29, which established a mandatory chinstrap at all times and in all places at the national and not regional level. This law will prevail until the government itself confirms the end of the pandemic.

However, now Spain says goodbye to chinstraps outdoors. After the debate that took place in recent days, the President of the Government of Spain Pedro Sánchez announced that on Thursday, June 24, an extraordinary Council of Ministers will be held to eliminate the mandatory use of chinstraps outdoors. The measure will take effect from June 26.

“This will be the last weekend with masks in the open air”The president pointed out, highlighting that the forecasts made by the Government are not only optimistic but that they are going to fall short.

What is the situation in Europe?

Spain will stop using chinstrap in open places

In Europe, the countries that have a measurement similar to that of Spain are Italy and France, although there are others such as Sweden where it is rare to find a person with a chinstrap.

In the case of the United Kingdom, the mask was optional abroad, so it was easy to see people walking without it. Now, with the advance of vaccination –42.6% – it is only compulsory in establishments and on public transport.

In Portugal, the use of the chinstrap is also mandatory on the street, although it has an expiration date. The Portuguese Parliament renewed the measure on April 1 until June 13.

In other countries such as Germany the face mask –They must be surgical or FFP2– in public transport and indoors. To the east of the German border is Poland, one of the last EU countries that has confirmed that its population will be able to circulate without a mask on the streets, reports El País.

And the rest of the countries?

In the United States the use is varied, according to the states

The United States has an uneven standard for the use of chinstraps. In some states such as California, its use is mandatory and widespread, although in the case of this this June when the measure is finished, although only abroad.

Instead, the pioneer states in removing the measure were Texas and Mississippi. Almost simultaneously, lCorresponding Governors Greg Abbott and Tate Reeves confirmed the abandonment of the restrictions last March and joined the other twelve states where the use of a mask is not mandatory, such as Alaska, Florida or Idaho.

In addition, the CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) noted that people who are fully vaccinated will stop wearing a mask, even when distance cannot be guaranteed. Of course, it will still be mandatory on airplanes and in hospitals, in addition to certain workplaces.

Israel, the country in the world where inoculation is most advanced with more than 60% of the population, has already eliminated the use of the mask outside the country, although indoors it is still mandatory, due to the uncertainty of the evolution of the virus.