How much money does it cost to maintain a Volkswagen Gol car per month / Argentina News

It is a classic that remains among the best-selling models in the 0km version and among the used ones. We tell you how much it costs to maintain it per month and per year

If there is a model that does not lose its validity, it is the “workhorse” that all those who are looking for their first car think of, that is the Volkswagen Gol.

With a long history in which it has not lost its essence, it remains firmly in the top ten of the best-selling 0km cars and among the most economical on the market. Their participation is interesting because new competitors were emerging, such as Toyota Etios; others disappeared, like the Chevrolet Corsa and Renault Clio; and others were completely renewed, such as the Peugeot 208, but the Gol continues to “figure” forever.

In addition, within the Volkswagen brand itself it has a special place. It is still its entry-level model, now the only one because the Up !, which was among the cheapest, was discontinued and positioned the Polo one notch above.

In this context, it is interesting to review how much salte keep this model in its 0km version (there are two options with manual or automatic gearbox), and also how much it costs in the case of choosing a used pre-owned, taking into account that according to the Automotive Chamber of Commerce -CCA-, it is the most sold among the cars of second hand.

Monthly expense of a Volkswagen Gol: up to $ 31,400

Accessing a Volkswagen Gol 0km implies spending about $ 1,536,850 for the 5-speed manual Trendline version or $ 1,669,206 in the case of opting for the Tiptronic box. It has a quite old engine, a 1.6 L 16 V and 110 hp gasoline engine, and has been improving in technology, with systems such as the “Media Plus” with bluetooth connection.

Regarding expenses, taking the manual as a reference, we consider the patent, insurance and service as essential issues, while then we add fuel, garage, washing and some extra expenses.

In the case of patent, the annual cost will be $ 76,800, that is, about $ 6,400 monthly doing the basic DNRPA calculation. Then each province adds its taxes or special stamps.

In the case of insurance, a third complete with hail has a value of $ 5,300 average among the different insurers consulted, and that coverage is taken as a reference because it is one of the most requested today.

For him service, in the 15,000 km or during the first year of the car’s life, the suggested price is 19,880 pesos.

Now moving on to the vehicle’s consumption, which may vary according to the type of use, we contemplate an annual journey of 15,000 kilometers with super gasoline. In this case, $ 10,100 will be spent per month, they consider that the vehicle consumes about 9 liters per 100 kilometers with its 1.6 engine. In the second and third service, Volkswagen rewards the workforce.

Finally, a garage, which has an average value of $ 8,000 in areas like Palermo, and two washes per month are considered, which cost an average of $ 800 each.

In this way, maintaining the Goal on a monthly basis will have the following prices:

  • Patent: $ 6,400
  • Insurance $ 5,300
  • Service: $ 1,665 ($ 19,980 prorated over 12 months)
  • Fuel: $ 10,170
  • Garage: $ 8,000
  • Washes: $ 1,600 (two per month)

In this way, maintaining a Goal 0km will have a monthly cost of $ 31,400, that is, about $ 377,000 per year.

A used, to lower costs

Being one of the best-selling used cars on the market, we also went out to find out how much it costs per month to maintain a model with a few years, taking a 2018 as a reference.

In this case, according to the CCA, the value of a Gol Trendline 2018 is $ 1,042,000, with an approximate patent value of 2,500 pesos.

In insurance, the average cost between different companies is $ 4,100, while an official service is contemplated considering that the car can be in the 45,000 kilometers, for which you must pay $ 9,500 according to Volkswagen.

The fuel consumption does not vary much because it is the same engine, which is about $ 10,000 per month, the same as the garage and the wash. In this case, the expenses will be the following:

  • Patent: $ 2,500
  • Insurance $ 4,100
  • Service: $ 791 ($ 9,500 prorated over 12 months)
  • Fuel: $ 10,170
  • Garage: $ 8,000
  • Washes: $ 1,600 (two per month)

In this way, maintaining a 2018 model Gol will cost about $ 27,000 or $ 325.00 a year per month.

Other guys to choose from

The Volkswagen Gol is a long-lived classic car, but the brand refuses to discontinue it. The truth is that it is still in force and many continue to consider it one of the most reasonable purchases at the entry level.

Toyota Etios, another of Gol's rivals.

Toyota Etios, another of Gol’s rivals.

Other rivals with the similar price are Toyota Etios, Fiat Argo or Mobi (it is the cheapest) and Renault Kwid. In all cases, average calculations indicate that it will take about $ 30,000 to maintain one of these 0km options.

Also, in the case of choosing a used one to lower costs, it must be borne in mind that over the years, cars begin to have other expenses, either due to unforeseen events or needs such as changing tires after a certain time. number of kilometers. This will increase costs.

Anyway, and whatever the choice, it is known to keep a car it’s not cheap at all and inflation increasingly hits the different costs to take into account.